“gree Case” Highlights The Government Procurement Relief Defects


1707 million and 21.51 million yuan which is more expensive, the answer is obvious. However, a single

Air conditioning Procurement, the offer 17.07 million yuan of Gree offer 21.51 million yuan was lost to another supplier. After the challenge,

Complaints , Reconsideration, retrial, the Gree Guangzhou City Finance Bureau to court. It named the enterprise and the government’s case to court trial in Guangzhou recently, the results will chose a sentencing date. The case has triggered a great disturbance, government procurement, why the homes of low-cost election the most expensive? The existence of secret government procurement operation you prefer? Gree is a result of their own mistakes and tender, sued the government to take the opportunity to speculation? For a variety of voices of doubt prevalent.

However, whether Gree wins or loses, there is virtual certainty of a result of the fact that: The government procurement contracts have been fulfilled, the purchaser has used the quote to your other suppliers, which means that even if the grid Force won the case will lose the order. This, industry experts point out that

Gree sued Guangzhou Finance case highlights the deficiencies in corporate rights relief mechanism, the government procurement system in urgent improvement of standards.

Gree why angrily reports Guangzhou City Finance Bureau

2008 11 4, for commercial air conditioning company in Guangzhou Geli is no doubt get a lot of orders a day for rejoicing. Because the central hospital in Guangzhou City Panyu procurement bidding, Guangzhou Geli to tender offer 17.07 million yuan was awarded the bid evaluation committee recommended to become the first candidate. If there is no accident, then it means winning the.

But then things change dramatically there. November 21, 2008, successful results published previously ranked No. 1, the lowest bidding supplier of pre-bid Guangzhou Geli be excluded, but the highest offer

Guangdong Province Oil Chemical industry Construction Corporation won the bid, which marked the high amount of more than 4 million yuan in Guangzhou Geli.

Originally in November 7, 2008, Central Hospital of Panyu on the purchaser that the supplier of the first pre-bid tender document “does not meet the tender documents marked with an asterisk content (some specific technical parameters)”, should not be successful.

11 14, Panyu District Government Procurement Office of Finance, by the Guangzhou municipal government procurement center review of the project. November 18, the Guangzhou municipal government procurement centers were invited to review the original evaluation committee, not the successful results obtained Gree.

This result, Gree air-conditioning dissatisfied, complaints to the Financial Bureau, Panyu District, for the restoration of one’s own successful candidacy, cancel Guangdong Petrochemical successful qualification. Panyu District Financial Bureau replied that the purchaser Panyu Central Hospital, Gree air-conditioning that does not meet the tender documents, tender documents required that the tender documents Gree air-conditioning “does not meet the tender documents marked with an asterisk in the content of (some specific technical parameter) “, should not be successful. Financial Bureau, Panyu District Government Procurement Complaints accordingly decided to reject the request of complaints Gree air-conditioning.

Gree Air Conditioning dissatisfied, the Financial Bureau of the Panyu District of Guangzhou City Bureau of Finance department for administrative reconsideration. April 22, 2009, Guangzhou Municipal Bureau of Finance to make an administrative reconsideration decision that “in the project, the original assessment of experts involved in the review, has created interest in the project, but only the former Finance Bureau, Panyu District, the first evaluation experts Second assessment results as the ultimate basis of fact, overturned the original assessment conclusions based on insufficient facts and lack of impartiality. ” Guangzhou City Panyu District Finance Office to cancel the deal with the decision of Finance, and ordered to re-finance bureau Panyu District, an administrative decision.

2009 6 8, Panyu District, Bureau of Finance in the Government Procurement Experts Library of seven members drawn to verify the evaluation team to verify the result, Gree air-conditioned six experts believe that the tender documents of tender documents do not meet with Star number of target, one expert thinks meet the requirements.

6 16, Panyu District Finance Bureau issued a decision to complaints that the tender suppliers Guangzhou Geli “This dispute can not meet tender documents for procurement of substantive requirements.”

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