Greek Island Holidays

.tags They say it is impossible to please everyone, but when it comes to Greek island holidays, there is something to please every traveler.
The Greek islands are very special because they are incredibly diverse. Some, like Crete, are as modern and industrial as any American port city. Others, like Santorini, are little treasures forgotten by time. With the differences between the islands, Greek island holidays are a great way to get a taste of Europe, especially if you only have a short time to travel.

The most efficient way to experience Greek island holidays is to travel by cruise ship. You can choose your pace of cruising with some boats docking at two ports per day. Cruising gives you the advantage of having your bed and meals in one place (of course you are free to dine off the boat on your shore excursions) so you do not waste precious holiday time checking in and out of hotels and packing around your luggage.

Some of the beautiful islands you could visit on your Greek island holiday include Santorini, Patmos, and Mykonos.

Santorini is renowned for its stunning sunsets and its picture perfect villages. The traveler thirsty for history and adventure will love the story of how Santorini was literally shattered by an incredible volcano, which sank into what is now the deepest cauldron in the world. This cauldron is so deep that a dock cannot be built for ships to access the island. Cruise ships drop anchor and travelers disembark onto tender boats. The adventure continues with a jaw dropping trip up a steep mountainside to access the villages. The height allows for spectacular views of the sea. The cobblestone pathways that wind among the shops and houses create a delightful maze with surprises (bakeries, handmade jewelry shops, art!) at every turn.

For the traveler that enjoys religious history, Patmos is the place to visit. In the Bible, it is mentioned that Paul was shipwrecked and swam to the island of Patmos. This is also where the book of Revelation is said to be written. You can visit the grotto where this Biblical narrative was penned along with the Monastery of St. John that looks over the tiny island of Patmos.

Greek island holidays are sure to include a stop at the very famous island of Mykonos. Mykonos is a tourist shopping paradise for authentic Greek souvenirs, old stone churches, and a winding shore that leads up to Little Venice (the site of very old windmills that used to be part of the economy of Mykonos).

Greek island holidays are memorable. You will never forget the wonderful food, the warm hearted people, the history and biblical relevance of all you will see when you holiday among the islands of Greece.

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