Green Call Centers

.tags The awareness about the environment is important for not just individuals, but for corporate houses as well. Call centers have a strong role to play in the conservation of energy. In fact, eco-friendly business firms are much sought after by many clients and brand names. BPO units can do a whole lot of things to ensure that they are doing their bit for the environment. It could be through conservation of power, through proper utilization of resources and also by maintaining a pro-green stance about methods used for work. A simple step like turning off the light and fan at the telemarketing unit can make a big difference through a collective endeavor to protect greenery. Lets find out how call center service providers can conserve energy and make the earth more habitable.

1.Power: Call centers consume lots of electricity because of the numerous computers, peripherals and other electrical appliances that are used. These are in addition to the ACs, lights and fans that run for the telemarketing agents. Power is always misused at business firms. It could be because of negligent employees, an apathetic management or just lack of accountability. BPO units need to change that. Encourage your employees to switch off their computers before leaving their work stations. Ensure that the light and fans are being used optimally. While it may be silly to keep telemarketing services on the hold while you conserve electricity, it is also quite irresponsible when you use more resources for work. Find out those little ways in which you can conserve power.

2.Paper: Paper is used most in offices and business firms. Its more so in customer service centers because of the wide number of reports that are generated on a daily basis. Pull the plug on printers and trigger the use of digital reports. Email reports to each other instead of using paper. Its easier for BPO managers to check up reports on email. Paper, other than being the prime reason for felling trees, can also get lost. You can make mistakes and then have to reprint again. Its a better idea to use digital reports which can be modified and corrected without any hassle. Use emails for business communication as well. Say goodbye to snail mails. The HR departments of telemarketing units should email their letters to employees.

3.Plastic: Call centers dispose plastic waste in the environment very regularly. It could be in the form of dead computers, appliances or just office waste. It is the responsibility of the BPO management to ensure that the plastic waste is properly disposed and if possible, recycled. Its a wise idea to inform the right authorities before you dispose computers. Some of the material inside the computers could be recycled for use. Lead and other hazardous materials should be treated chemically anyway, or they can cause soil pollution. In this context, telemarketing agents can make a significant contribution, too. They can take the initiative of keeping a tab on whether the refuse is being properly taken care of.

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