Green Tea and Belly Fat – Green Tea and Its Effect on Burning Belly Fat


So does a trip to granny’s place for a cup of green tea help shred belly fat?

What are the links between green tea and belly fat?

It seems that we are bombarded with sales, discounts and supplement bonzanas at every intersection of our fitness journey. The amount of fads and gimmicks is truly astounding, I dread to think how much the owners of supplement companies are making (the mark up on protein powder is disgustingly good).

We all know how it feels to waste money and feel robbed, conned and insecure about parting with our money ever again. And we all know how it feels to still have the problem that we were trying to find a solution to when we purchased whatever it was, be it some fancy ab machine, pills, prescriptions etc.

However surely there are some supplements and other nutritional aids apart from healthy eating that can give us a hand right?

Well in my travels I have found that:

Green tea can actually be beneficial to losing excess weight from your butt, thighs, stomach and the rest of your body.
Green tea provides caffeine (so not advisable to consume before sleeping), which can be a great aid for the body to help shed excess weight, without the extra calories that a can of soda would add in inches onto your pant size.
Green tea is also a very powerful antioxidant, which is a great thing! Antioxidants help get rid of free radicals from our body, help us live longer, reduce stress and generally feel excellent!
The properties of this magical beverage also help act as a glucose regulator meaning that it will slow the release of sugar into your blood after you eat, instead of spiking very fast and crashing just as graciously.
The best way to take green tea is from a supplement that is very very expensive that I make money off…

Just kidding.

The best thing about it is that it is dirt cheap, if you buy it and use it the right way.

Buy the stuff at your local (organic) supermarket that is loose, not the stuff already bagged if you can help it. There is no need to buy a supplement, just drink some damn green tea!

Until next time…

Feel good, look good and live like you mean it!

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