Gregory Z55 Backpack – Keep Cool While Hiking

.tags The Gregory Z55 backpack is the second largest backpack in Gregory’s ‘Ventilated Backpacking’ range. It is a popular model amongst backpackers and is designed for full-blown camping adventures lasting several days.

True to Gregory’s philosophy, the Z55 is designed to fit the contours of the back, hips and shoulders smoothly and comfortably. Just like a comfy pair of boots, backpacking becomes a lot more enjoyable when parts of your body are not crying out in pain!

True Backpack Ventilation
The Z in the model’s name indicates that it is a ventilated backpack. This is a really useful innovation for those of us who like our hikes in the Arizona heat! Instead of the pack resting against the whole of the back like a regular pack, the Z55 incorporates Gregory’s “Jetstream” technology which raises the backpack slightly away from the middle of the back. Air is able to ventilate through the space between pack and back allowing sweat to evaporate.

As standard with Gregory backpacks, the Z55 comes in different sizes. This is because not all humans are equal and a given backpack cannot possibly fit a short person as comfortably as a tall person. Thus the small size Z55 has a capacity of 51 liters whereas the large size has a capacity of 61 liters.

Size-wise, the Z55 sits in between the Z65 and z45 both of which are also ventilated models. If backpacking in hot climates is not something you do often and ventilation is not an important factor, then the ‘Triconi 60’ is also a good alternative.

With padded shoulder harnesses and waistbelt, the Z55 will carry 20-30lbs easily and loads of upto 40lbs with comfort. The Gregory Z55 comes packed full of useful features such as hydration ports, removable top lid, waistbelt pockets and compression straps aplenty. Made from double diamond ripstop nylon, minor tears won’t cause this pack to fall apart!

Overall, the Gregory Z55 backpack is a solid performer, fits well and will help keep your back dry on the trail.

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