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By Andrea Kirkby on 2011-02-08 12:03:35

I know the title of this article looks a touch bizarre but stick with me and I am going to explain all. In this post you may learn the no 1 way that you can raise your fan base and build a successful music career…starting at this time.

When I stopped listening to Music selling pros who had done nothing in the music game and started to follow and learn ninja talents from people who were basically making millions of dollars online, everything became far easier.

Now all I am doing is copy what these fellows do in order to make so much money then transfer it to my music.

So here they are, the top 2 things musicians can learn about promoting from the Old Skool Internet marketers…

Free Traffic is Best.

For the music marketing expert you actually want to be going after a free traffic model in your business. The cause of this is that most indie music artists are on a restricted budget and if you are spending money everyday on advertising you may doubtless go into bankruptcy.

the easiest way I know to get free traffic to your website is to post a video to YouTube everyday of your group covering a current chart hit. If you keep at this it’s assured free traffic for life!

If you think your band is rubbish?

I find the reason lots of bands and artists fail to make any progress in their career is that they do not believe strongly in their own music and think that there’s no way on earth that they could ever make it in the music business compared with other artists like woman Gaga and such.

But if you’re rubbish than it’s OK, just confess because I have a secret sauce you can add to your music which should leave you ten times before most other artist if you just implement it every day.

The strategy goes like this….

So the easiest way to become great in music is to spend half an hour each day writing new stuff. I am going into the toilet with my iPhone and get the ideas down on tape without modifying anything out. I just sing and play whatever on earth is in my head and set my iPhone timer to half and hour so that I don’t have to keep continually looking at my watch.

Doing this I have more songs than I know what to do with and after a month I’ll truly notice that the quality of my music is so much better than when I started.

It’s cheesy but I think each great singer or guitar player started being rubbish and because they practiced every day they where able to bring the standard of their stuff up to the required standard.

Last thoughts.

I could go on all day about these new music selling tactics but I have to finish this articles here. The most important thing you should take away from this is that you have to become a student of selling an


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