Hand Eczema Treatment – Clear Your Hand Eczema Naturally


Getting eczema on any part of the body is miserable but having eczema on the hands is particularly annoying, limiting and uncomfortable because we use our hands all the time not to mention that they are on show. Because we are constantly touching things and coming into contact with potential allergens there is always a high risk of irritation. However, the hand eczema treatment I am going to talk about is highly effective, just put it to the test and see.

If you have contact eczema (not atopic eczema) then you are probably at more risk for getting hand eczema, purely because of the hands touching “itchy” objects. Firstly, and most importantly, do you know what substances you have an allergy to? This is one of the main reasons for eczema and the cause of that nasty itchy irritation.

If you don’t know all of the substances you have an allergy to, you can keep a diary of when you felt an irritation (even a mild one) and what you were handling at the time. This diary can also be used for other areas with eczema.

This process will take around one month to get an idea of the main suspects for your hand eczema. You might find at first that you do not have conclusive evidence but before long, a pattern will emerge. Once you have found the culprits, you can take more care to avoid them and if you absolutely must handle the substances, be sure to wash and moisturize your hands after use.

That leads me to the second biggie for hand eczema – loss of moisture and lack of washing the hands. If you are suffering from hand eczema you absolutely must keep your skin clean and well moisturized. This means washing the hands after visiting the rest room and any other time where you have come into contact with dirt of any description.

Every time you wash your hands then moisturize them with no exception, as the drying out of the skin will undoubtedly result in an itching session. It is a good idea to carry around a portable container of your hypo-allergenic skin cream so you can moisturize whenever you need to.

The final method of the hand eczema treatment is one which will be close to any eczema sufferers heart – the art of trying to stop picking. Research has shown that picking the skin is actually part of the disease and is very hard to stop, however, if you do, you are likely to experience a huge improvement as picking causes a large percentage of the itchiness and therefore scratching, weeping and scab formation. Make a conscious effort to stop, and you will immediately see results.

Eczema on the hands means that you have more chance of infection due to the disturbances on the top layer of skin. However, if you keep your hands clean, well moisturized and avoid your known allergens you will be well on your way to getting rid of this irritating skin condition.

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