Harare Tourist Information! Attractions & Things to do


If you take a chance of having your cheap flight to Harare you will discover a lot of worth admiring sites in Harare. The Sunshine City of Harare offers a wide variety of Tourist Attractions including, Championship Golf courses, Shona Sculpture Parks, Botanical Gardens and Wildlife Parks, Theatres and Galleries, Museums, Bird Sanctuaries, Craft Markets. Among the many Things to do in Harare some are described below:

Visit to the Mbare market:

This market is one of the busiest markets of the place and is a very lively market. The market is located about 3 km from the main city centre. The tourists can visit this place for purchasing local goods. Various types of jewelry, leather goods (jackets, shoes and bags) and handicrafts can be bought from this market. The market is open on most of the days and also has some restaurants where local cuisine can be found.

A trip to Borrowdale Park:

A tour to this park can be quite interesting. The park is located about 7 km to the north of the city centre. Buses can pick up the tourists from the Second street for reaching this place. The park provides many facilities for the entertainment of the tourists among, including horse racing and gambling. The park also has varieties of food stalls where delicious local dishes are served.

A trip to National Botanic Garden:

This garden is located in the eastern part of the city and houses about 900 different species of flora. The tourist should not be missing this place at any cost. The famous Mukuvisi Woodlands which is about 277 hectares in area lies very close to this garden.

The tourists should visit these woodlands for the wide variety of birds that it houses. Many wild animals such as giraffe, zebra, impala, tsessche, wildebeest, bushbuck, Steen buck, reed buck and eland can also be seen in these woodlands.

Visit to the Kopje:

This is a granite hill which should feature on each and every Harare Tour. The hill rises along the south-west corner of central Harare and provides an excellent view of the city from the top. The hill is also covered with dense shrubs and wild trees. Different types of migratory birds can be found in this hill.

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