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By _SoFie on 2013-03-27 18:26:35
tags Every year, one in five Americans moves to a new home. Once the boxes are unpacked, these new movers want to start making their new houses feel like home with renovations, home improvements and decorations. Most of these new movers will be looking for a local hardware store to assist with these projects, but how will they decide which store to visit?

This is where Welcomemat Services comes in. The Atlanta-based company is a loyalty marketing firm that specializes in bringing new residents together with local businesses. The company sends out a monthly mailing to specifically-targeted new movers by zip code, featuring check offers from all types of businesses. These businesses can include anything from fine dining restaurants to local hardware stores.

Welcomemats unique features and upscale appearance have helped many hardware store owners grow their client base, as Blackhawk Hardware General Manager Craig Anderson can attest. Welcomemat brings in new loyal clients every month in a way that no other marketing tool can, said Anderson. Blackhawk began mailing with Welcomemat in October of 2004 and the store has enjoyed a virtually unheard of 15-25% redemption rate. Blackhawk offers new residents a $ 10 gift certificate and two free house keys with no strings attached.

This is a fantastic offer that new movers can really use, said Welcomemat Services President Brian Mattingly. The sincere offer will encourage new movers to redeem their gift checks, while motivating and impressing them enough to come back.

Welcomemat Services is a unique loyalty marketing tool designed for local businesses. The company offers a patent-pending barcode tracking system that gives business owners demographic information about the new movers who visit the store through the Welcomemat program. Welcomemats database tracking allows us to contact our new customers again and again, said Anderson.

Welcomemat Services works with several hardware stores throughout the country, including Ace and True Value Hardware stores. For more information about Welcomemat, please visit www.welcomematservices.com

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