Have A High Lifestyle With Pendant Track Lighting

By Coventry City Council on 2012-10-13 10:08:45

Generally speaking, flexibility is the main advantage of track lighting. Lots of people add pendant track lighting as they install a track of lights, which means they use different pendant fixtures on a track in order to ctreate a nice assortments of illumination sources. Those lights are effective ways of accentuating a piece of artwork or something which you would like to show off.


Many people choose this type of lighting in their kitchen areas. There is usually a lot going on in the kitchens of most homes – cooking and eating family meals and entertaining visitors. So a flexible scheme is mandatory in order to accommodate all of the various needs.


Another great feature of pendant lighting is that while it offers the precise amount of light that is needed, it does so with grace and elegance. When incorporated in the tracks, they can be chosen in various color schemes to match your décor. This type of lighting makes for a stylish entrance way too.


Where To Use Them

Consider using this method of illumination above your desk or office area. Not only will you save the space that a lamp took up but you can have the track installed above your desk with the pendant shining down for perfect focus all the time. Some other great places that these lights can be installed are over a home bar area because they offer great lighting for you and your guests to enjoy your drinks.


The track system in general is either task or accent lighting and is likely the most versatile lighting around. It can be installed just about anywhere, it can be cut to measure any length, and lights from the strip can be added or removed very easily. This lighting is excellent and purposeful for all home use because it is flexible and cost effective.


Installation Hints

All track and pendant lighting is directional. In other words, the fixtures can be turned in any direction. The pendants themselves can be very beautiful as some are made of metal while others are made of glass.


So basically you would have the track installed and then either flush or hanging down would be these beautiful lights. Sometimes you can get three or four pendants to hang from a single cord and some people actually like to hang them at different levels, meaning some would be higher than others.


There are practically no limits to the types of fixtures that are available to install on track lighting. But first you should assess your ceiling and analyze exactly where you plan to put your lights. Also measure the dimensions of the room.


If the room is a straight run then use a standard linear track. If the ceiling is vaulted then go with a 90 degree flex connector. If you plan to cover a large ceiling then it is best to use a cross layout sectional. If you plan to focus your lighting then go with the T layout, and if you want measured pockets of light then use the grid design. Finally, for sloped ceilings, suspend the track channels from cables and use small pendant track lighting heads.


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