Have Fun At The Lascaux Caves

.tags These caves are a setting of a complex of many caves in the southern western region of France, these are quite famous for its Paleolithic cave paintings. There are original caves which are located in the Mongnac village in the Dordogne department. This place also contains some of the best Upper Paleolithi art as well.

The Lascaux caves have a lot of images of large animals and most of these animals are known for their fossil evidence since a lot of these animals are extinct in todays world. In the year nineteen hundred and seventy nine, this place was even added to the list of UNESCO world Heritage sites.

There were four teenagers who actually discovered the Lascaux caves in the year nineteen hundred and forty. The cave was later opened to the public close to the year nineteen hundred and fifty. In the year nineteen hundred and fifty five, because of the many visitors who came her to visit these paintings, and the carbon dioxide that they exhaled was responsible for damaging the paintings to an extent.

Because of this , the Lascaux caves was closed to the public in the year nineteen hundred and sixty three, mostly to preserve the Art and not allow it to deteriorate. The paintings were then monitored on a daily basis and the work that was damaged was restored once again.

The hall of Bulls, the shaft, the Nave, the passageway and the Apse is all a chamber of Felines.

The cave has about two thousand figures and these figures are grouped into three categories. These three categories include, animals, humans and other various signs that seem to look quite abstract.

There are no images of the surrounding landscape or the vegetation around this place. In fact most of the images have been painted into walls using pigments with traces of minerals in it.

Some of these designs have also been engraved into the stone. Some of the images have also deteriorated and they seem to be too faint to discern. There are designs of various geometric figures and out of these about six hundred have been identified. There are many representations and drawings of animals, which are what most of the painting content is. There are about ninety paintings of just stags. Bisons and other cattle also have good representations.

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