Health is a Lifestyle Not a Quick Fix

Health is a Lifestyle Not a Quick Fix

NO QUICK FIXES will solve a problem that took years to develop. I always share that HEALTH is a LIFESTYLE not something a quick 7 day DETOX can cure. Transforming our health starts with understand that it is a HOLISTIC approach, it’s not just about the FOODS we eat, but the QUALITY of our relationship, SELF LOVE, letting go of negative self-talk, reconditioning our minds with POSITIVE body image, and learning to ACCEPT ourselves even when we are not at our ideal shape. TRUST me it took me years to understand this, I STRUGGLED with trying every diet there was, and even went to extremes of starving myself and then finding myself binge eating on fast food. Healing our bodies first starts with our minds, and FORGIVING ourselves and learning to CREATE a new healthy relationship with food. I do not label food as “BAD” or “GOOD” nor do I SHAME myself when I crave a hamburger. I believe in moderation, and being in-tune with my body needs. When we set GOALS for weight loss or health, we need to THINK DEEPER rather than just on a superficial level. What is your WHY? Is it to be a better parent for your kids? Be in peak performance for your career? or to build HAPPY relationship or to find true LOVE? Once we identify our WHY, we can then COMMIT ourselves to our GOALS, rather than just be interested in health. Being interested is not going to get you up at 6am to go for a workout, but being COMMITTED will. What are you willing do CHANGE to transform your life?


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