Healthy Alternatives For Pizza


Let’s just face it pizza is one of those foods you cannot resist but you are still trying to lose fat. So is there any way around it? In this article you will learn how pizza does not have to be so bad for you when trying to lose fat.

First tip is to order the whole grain crust. Whole grain is richer with nutrients and not processed like white bread is. White bread promotes fat gain unlike whole grain which promotes fat loss. Going whole grain does not taste as bad as you may think. In fact many say it adds flavor to the pizza. There is a lot of fiber in whole grains as well.

Get yours with a lot of sauce. Make sure they use pure tomato sauce for it is rich with vitamin C. Tomatoes are also known to fight prostate cancer. Try to get some for dip on the side. It is very flavorful.

Ease up on ordering extra cheese. Ok cheese is good for you in some cases. It has calcium for one thing which actually helps you lose fat. But try to get a single layer to add to the three-a-day rule for dairy products. Having three servings of dairy a day helps keep the fat off.

Choose your toppings wisely. Stay away from fatty meats like the very popular pepperonis. Either get a healthier variation like canadian bacon or get some chicken on top. Don’t forget about throwing some veggies on.

Another helpful way to battle the fat and still enjoy your pie is to get a side salad. Eat it first and hopefully you will not feel as hungry after a couple of slices. Every little bit helps.

If you can go out to a fine Italian restaurant where there are probably more options than a fast food place like Dominos. The taste of pizza in a restaurant can be far more satisfying even with the alternatives. So choose wisely and enjoy.

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