Healthy Snacks For Weight Loss – Top 4


Today I’m going to give you my top four healthy snacks for weight loss. I won’t focus on meals today because I think we all know that many times the heaviest damage to our weight loss goals is inflicted by what is eaten between meals.

We’ve all experienced it. We get hungry at odd hours of the day and choose to load up on over-processed junk food to satisfy our cravings.

But you do have healthy choices. And knowing about them beforehand will help you make better decisions down the road.

Healthy Snacks For Weight Loss – Top 4

String Cheese

This stuff is packed with protein. Don’t let its small size fool you. It will fill you up. Another nice thing is that it doesn’t contain a lot of calories. So, it’s an ideal choice.

I personally eat at least one of these every day.

Beef Jerky

This stuff contains more calories than string cheese; so don’t go nuts on this. But with that aside, it’s an excellent source of protein. All you need is just one or two pieces to fill you up.

Low Calorie Yogurt

This stuff is cheap and the best ones usually contain 80 calories or less. Yogurt is also another great source of protein.

The down side is that some yogurts contain aspartame and are higher in carbohydrates than the first two snacks. But overall, yogurt is a great choice for a snack.


This is my choice for the healthiest snack. They are packed with 5 grams of fiber and do a great job satisfying hunger because they also are full of water.

For best results, try to eat 3 apples a day.

So, instead of grabbing a bag of chips and a family size Big Gulp full of Mountain Dew, try one of my 4 favorite healthy snacks for weight loss. You may just lose quite a bit of weight.

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