Healthy Weight-Loss After Pregnancy


Healthy weight loss is extremely important to keeping those pounds away permanently. Most of us have indulged in some or other fast weight loss program not realizing that it can be very harmful for our overall health and long term weight goals. We don’t put on weight after a single night of bingeing so it is not fair to put the body through on starvation mode to lose weight quickly.

In fact not eating adequately can sometimes have exactly the opposite effect. The body assumes that there is literally a food shortage and in an attempt to ‘survive’ starts storing the food by cutting down the metabolic rate. The result: You feel lethargic and irritated without enough energy to carry on your daily work AND don’t lose a commensurate amount of weight. More important the moment you start eating normally, the weight spirals back. This causes a feeling of failure which proceeds to color all future weight loss efforts, dooming them before you even begin them.

A healthy body needs all the food groups to function effectively. This includes proteins, carbohydrates, fats, minerals and vitamins that can come only from a balanced and not a restrictive diet. So it is necessary to ensure a healthy but simple diet complete in all respects for healthy weight loss. The food that we need to eat is easily available in the supermarket and need not be a fancy powdered mixture that makes a hole in our pocket. Some effective yet simple foods that assist in healthy weight loss include the following.

Water: Water is a large component of our bodies and is necessary for all body functions. It is also the only known zero calorie` food’. Staying hydrated prevents overeating since many a time the need to drink is confused with the need to eat. If you don’t like water as it is, try adding a few mint leaves or lemon to enhance its flavor. Keep a bottle within easy reach so you drink up periodically. You will automatically find yourself eating less.

Green Tea: Drinking 6-7 cups of green tea has been clinically proven to assist in healthy weight loss. It is best taken plain without sugar or milk. However you can add lime juice or honey to make it more palatable or even drink it chilled without destroying its properties.

Raw salads and soups: Vegetables are naturally fiber rich and give a feeling of satiety when eaten before or as part of a meal. While raw salads with a low fat or no dressing are the best way to eat them, even soups and stir fried vegetables are great alternatives to other unhealthy snacks.

Fresh Fruits: Though higher in calories than vegetables, fruits are nature’s own dessert and can provide essential minerals, vitamins and other nutrients. They also satisfy the urge to eat something sweet making sure you don’t snack on something unhealthy later.

More important than eating less calories is eating foods with higher nutrient to calorie ratio which is the basis for healthy weight loss.

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