Healthy Weight Loss – Exercise For Fun


I have found that putting together all the actions necessary for a long term healthy weight loss plan is rather like putting together the pieces of a puzzle.

The good thing about this puzzle though, is that you can fit together just a few of the pieces and get just the picture you want.

It is important that the pieces you choose suit you as an individual. Unlike the claims made for many products, one solution will not do for everyone.

In my series of articles on healthy weight loss, I try in each one to offer one or more pieces of the puzzle, most of which I have tried. While not all of them have been totally successful for me, most have been of benefit in some way, if only in the short term.

There are of course two major aspects of any long term plan. Diet and exercise, each usually being of equal importance.

The physical exercise side of the equation can be very difficult to maintain, particularly when the activity tried is thought of as a chore.

After many years of having to discipline myself and use a lot of will power, I found a way to make sure I actually look forward to my regular periods of exercise.

The key to achieving this in in the title — make your exercise activity fun!

This sounds simple, but is not necessarily easy.

First of all, are you going to exercise alone, or with other people? The social aspect of some sport or training activities can certainly be fun and that could be a great way to start. If you commit to take part, then you are less likely to want to let other people down.

What about on your own?

I have found that listening to music, or even the spoken word, can add to my pleasure while working out.

I also do some particular exercises which are fun in themselves. My current favourite is ‘The waist twisting disc’ which allows me to practice the dance sensation which was popular in my early teens. I can do this, for the recommended 5 minutes, while getting my breath back from something more strenuous, like jump-rope or burpees. My other favourite is the boxing punch-ball, which I had to have when my grandson got one!

These and some other ideas mean that I no longer dread doing the exercises I know I need.

The mindset is so important when you want to build some new habits into your routine. Enjoying your exercise can make a huge difference in the long term.

Getting help and support with your weight loss efforts can also make things easier. Look out for tips and ideas you can use.

When exercise is not a chore, life looks a lot brighter.

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