Hebeianguo: Policy Driven Modernization Of Traditional Chinese Medicine Industry

.tags Hebei Province Anguo persist in implementing the “Pharmaceutical Prospering City” strategy, focusing on traditional Chinese medicine industrial park development and construction as to promote the modernization of traditional Chinese medicine, large-scale development, and achieving the overall file update traditional Chinese medicine industry leading, implementing high standards of planning, high-intensity input, high – quality management. 2009 start-ups in the park break through 180 million yuan of industrial output value.
It is understood that, as of present, Tianjin Zhongxin Pharmaceutical, Jilin Gimcheon Baoshan, Guizhou Braun, Baoding, Hebei Pharmaceutical Group in the Golden Wood pharmaceutical, medicine are all groups with 16 Pieces of Chinese medicine pharmaceutical and deep processing project assigned to a cumulative investment 1.187 billion yuan, is expected to be assigned to enterprises by 2010, Park, 40, technology, industry and trade income of 3.0 billion, annual profits and taxes 250 million yuan can be realized.
In order to attract more domestic and foreign large-scale pharmaceutical enterprises settled in, increase its overall grade, Anguo further increase of park funding, technical input and investment in environmental governance. Formulated the “key construction projects” closed run “Interim Measures,” and “On the norms of Chinese medicine industrial park construction projects, the standard administrative fees,” and other series of policies right into the zone enterprises “project guide to do system”, “full Tracking service is responsible for system “,” system of regular visits “and other service measures, the implementation of closed-end listing management. And the introduction of a “Anguo the incentives to encourage investment,” to take ones who enjoy the development of policies to attract and encourage foreign-funded enterprises, domestic and foreign well-known large enterprises to invest in Yasukuni.
On the positive introduction of new projects at the same time, Anguo City has also introduced policies to support and guide enterprises to invest in technological transformation of existing backbone, on the upgraded, helped the drugs are, security and other key drug companies to complete transformation of GMP workshop, organized Chin-mu, the US-wai, and the world Kang and other enterprises with the Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences, China Medical Tai, Hebei University and other research institutions, marriage, common implementation of technological breakthroughs, the development of new products. Comprehensively improve the Yasukuni pharmaceutical products, market competitiveness, enhance the attractiveness of the park.
Traditional Chinese Medicine Science and Technology Industrial Park to the Chinese medicine industry and health industry, mainly the national Torch Program projects and Hebei Province, “the revitalization of traditional Chinese medicine industry five-year plan” in one of the basic construction projects, while the pharmaceutical industry into the Hebei Province-based economy, the implementation of the views of the development of Long . Traditional Chinese medicine industry park’s construction, for building a pattern of traditional Chinese medicine industry in Hebei Province to enhance Anguo Pharmaceutical grade, speed up industrial restructuring medicine, Pui new economic growth point of the tree to promote the sustainable development of Chinese medicine has a vital strategic significance.

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