Herb Garden Seeds – How to Plant Herb Garden Seeds the Right Way


Growing an herb garden right from scratch can be very satisfying. You can prepare your own patch and they start by sowing the herb garden seeds of your choice. It is not as difficult as most people think it is but it does require a certain amount of dedication and work. Sowing seeds takes a little more than sprinkling them and different seeds require different steps to give the best results.

Firstly, moisten some soil and keep as many seeds as you want aside for the present planting. The seeds should be soaked overnight. Transfer the moist soil to a germination tray and press lightly so that the soil isn’t too loose. Place the herb garden seeds at a depth of about quarter of an inch. If the seeds are very small, they can just be sprinkled on top.

After the above step is done, cover the container with its plastic lid and leave it in an area with ample light but not direct sunlight. Spray water when you feel the soil is getting dry. Once the seeds begin germinating, you can place them under direct sunlight after removing the plastic lid. Herbs generally need six to eight hours of sun. Fluorescent bulbs can be used to provide the herbs with enough light.

If you are not buying a kit, you can use normal containers and cover it with a plastic wrap used in the kitchen. Since you are covering it with plastic, you will not need to water it until the herb garden seeds germinate. Once the plants have grown two sets of leaves, they can be transplanted into the soil. Equal parts of perlite, vermiculite as well as coir compost can be used for the soil. Once transplanted, they should be watered everyday for about a week after which water twice a week will suffice.

All the things you need to grow a seed into a plant are available in your local garden center. If you want to prepare your soil yourself, it is not very difficult as long as you know what the plant requires for healthy growth. The herb garden seeds are easiest to grow in the ready made soil which will contain everything it needs. Experts advice that the seeds should germinate in a nutrient free medium as rich soil is said to be detrimental in early stages. Once it becomes a seedling, it should them be transferred to a nutrient rich soil.

If you have always bought plants for your herb garden, you may want to save seeds for the next set of plants. After you get the seeds off your herb, they should be dried under the sun in order to preserve them. Even a little moisture can rot the herb garden seeds. These seeds like warm temperature but prefer soil that isn’t wet. Well drained soil in a sunny patch is excellent for these seeds to grow into healthy plants. Occasionally sprinkling fertilizers will give you good results and the soil will remain healthy.

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