Herbal Remedies For Common Cold – Easy and Accessible Remedies


People get sick with the common cold frequently. This is because the virus that spreads cold is one of the most easily transferred viruses. To prevent this from happening, a good and sound immune system with the help of herbal remedies for common cold is capital.

This viral illness is very ordinary. However, this can also be highly contagious. When we experience this illness, our upper respiratory tract is infected by a virus.

There isn’t a specific virus that can cause this condition to happen. In fact, there are more than 200 different types of viruses that can cause this. Due to this, it is easy to contact common cold and easy to transfer it to other people.

The spreading of this disease is easy. Coming in direct contact (shaking hands, kissing) with an infected person can put you at risk of this prevalent condition. Cold virus can also live on surfaces and on objects like notebooks, telephone and computer keyboards.

Many people ask why common cold is a common occurrence during the cold season like fall and winter. It is not sufficient to say that cold weather can trigger colds. It is just that we spend too much time cooped up indoors with other people during this time that we can easily catch the cold virus. Spending time indoors can also weaken our immune system, making us an easy target for many viral diseases.

The symptoms of this condition usually include stuffy nasal passages, scratchy and itchy throat, sneezing, cough, and most of the time headache and fever. Muscular pains can also be felt by many people with common cold. If it is not immediately treated, the symptoms can last for as long as 10 days.

The treatment for the common cold is through the use of over-the-counter medications. There are many nasal and throat sprays, throat lozenges and cough syrups that are being sold in the medical market. You can also take tablets and capsules to help you with this condition especially if your cold is accompanied by muscle aches, headaches and fever.

Herbal remedies for common cold are actually very helpful. You might want to try a couple of these herbs out and it can make a lot of difference in your condition.

Echinacea. This herbal remedy targets the symptoms of cold while it is in your system. The leaves, stems and flowers of this herb are helpful. It does not really prevent cold from entering your system but it is beneficial once you are suffering from it.

Echinilin. This herb is a known Echinacea extract. Although it comes from Echinacea, it functions in a slightly different way. This can strengthen your immune system to help you bring down the symptoms of cold.

Ginseng. This herbal remedy has many different kinds. The good news is, almost all kinds of ginseng are very good in treating the common cold. This is especially helpful in treating cough.

Astragalus. This Chinese herb can help boost your immune system. However, you have to be careful with the dosage of this herbal remedy.

If you want a hassle-free way of dealing with common cold, you can try a very effective herbal remedy called FluGo.

FluGo is a homeopathic remedy that can zap the symptoms of flu and common cold. It can relieve the symptoms of nasal congestions, fever and cough and other symptoms brought about by flu and cold.

When we are sick, we tend to lose our appetite and this can further weaken our immune system. FluGo can help you with that problem. It can also help prevent nausea and vomiting.

FluGo also helps in such a way that it improves your over all immune system to prevent bacteria and viruses from invading your body.

FluGo is very effective and it is safe to combine this with other herbal remedies for common cold. You should not wait for common cold to go away and waste precious moments in your life. Do something about it now with the help of these natural remedies.

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