Hichina Will Strengthen Enterprise Security And Business Features Mailbox


Alibaba China 10000 China Internet Network join the last two months one of the biggest topics as Internet-based service industries in the first Brand , 10 000 net each Product Lines have also been concerned about the action. Recently, China 10 000 network access to strategic investment in Alibaba, will be more emphasis on customer experience and more focus on improving product quality, to achieve “gold quality, centuries million net” goal. And in the near future on the “million Web Mail” Enterprise E-mail to make greater investment in product line, to fully strengthen enterprise security and business mailbox function.

Security is the cornerstone of China’s current e-mail security is still prominent, anti-phishing, anti-spam, anti-hijacking e-mail security is still Prevention The focus of work, the level of security than e-mail the United States and Europe, and Internet business applications have a wide gap between the developed countries.

Since last year, China 10 000 e-mail network to improve the safety performance of a lot of work to do, such as the lead in achieving a SSL channel encryption and real-time Spam outbreak monitoring system, the first again this year developed a mail mate, has not only made encryption for the message body, but also creatively to the formation of a separate independent encryption software for large corporate mail users, is the first to realize the multiple e-mail privacy protection of e-mail service provider. With 10,000 net to protect this system, Hacker Channel blockade is difficult to break through to the server to steal mail, even if the first line of defense finally broke through to steal the mail, hackers can not read the message, because the message body has been encrypted into a string of unreadable gibberish.

“Security remains a fundamental, the message left the security of any business functions are castles in the air, although the 3G era is more convenient to send and receive mail, but customers are not widely used.” Vice president of China 10 000 Net Bridge Song Ying stressed.

Business is life Song Ying Bridge explained that stress the importance of business, and that this orientation million net of related enterprises, 10,000 network positioning for small and medium enterprises to provide high-quality Internet applications to help enterprises E-commerce Enhance the competitiveness of enterprises.

HiChina has been the strengthening of security is to improve business performance as an important part of the higher-mail security, enterprise more courage to send and receive important documents through the mail and information, the current level of 10 000 net security mailbox has been completely able to support enterprise business needs. Million net of business security postal mail in the phone, fax, mail, Market Intelligence monitoring has also made a number of breakthroughs, and the original users a free upgrade, well received by customers.

“Very pleased to see that more and more of the million net users have in the Wan-mail E-mail products, network security, stability, have good business experience, 10 000 network will continue to work for based on enterprise e-mail escort business behavior. “

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