High Blood Pressure And Dizziness


That being said it could be a serious problem and in many ways the fact that you’re suffering from dizziness and potential drops in blood pressure are probably more important than the levels to which the blood pressure drops to so it is extremely important to get to the bottom of it if it is indeed a regular occurrence.

If you are suffering from dizziness and have correspondingly have been diagnosed with high blood pressure then it could indicate a whole series of events, all of which will need to be investigated by your doctor or healthcare practitioner. This last point cannot be stressed too heavily enough as there are too many occasions in relation to medical conditions where people place too much emphasis on common folklore or old wives tales as opposed to getting the correct medical advice from experts.

If you suffer from high blood pressure then by all means listen to other sufferers and people in general but don’t ever make the mistake of ignoring the advice of professionals – it could be fatal to be the last mistake you ever make.

I make no apologies if I sound too dramatic but high blood pressure is serious and as such has to retreat it as such.

Back to high blood pressure and dizzy spells however. These could be as a result of the number of things none of which in isolation could be that serious but they could be little indicators of potentially something more serious further down the line.

Usually dizzy spells occur as a result of changes in your blood pressure from moving from low blood pressure to high blood pressure namely when you first get up in the morning as it is a known medical fact that your blood pressure is usually lowest at night and rises sharply upon waking.

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