Hiragana Test


So, you have been studying Hiragana for years. You think you would be able to understand any characters that someone puts in front of your eyes. So, you think you know Hiragana well? Why not take the Hiragana test? This will show you whether or not you can actual decipher one character from the next. It will also provide you with some evidence on where you should improve your skills when it comes to reading Hiragana.

There are many ways to take the Hiragana test. Let me tell you a few right now.

You can get someone to write the characters down on cue cards. First, find someone that can understand Hiragana and who would like to help you out with your testing. Once you locate that someone, tell them to draw any character on one side of a cue card. On the flipside of the same cue card, tell them to write the English definition. Do this for about as many characters as possible. Keep track of your score to see where you need to improve.

You can go online and type “Hiragana Test” in Google. Once you hit the search button, you will be given many different types of Hiragana tests. Pick the one you are most comfortable with. Analyze your results from the test and see what needs to be fixed.

Get a chart that displays several different Hiragana characters. Kind of like the first option, get your Hiragana educated friend to write out all the characters he or she knows on the chart. After he is done filling in the chart, write the English definition below the character. See if you need to better educate yourself with Hiragana after this test.

You can try to write to a friend in Hiragana and see if they can understand what you are trying to say. If you get an awkward response, I think it will be time for you to sharpen your Hiragana knowledge. Nonetheless, this will definitely be a great method of testing!

You can enroll into a class where there are formal Hiragana tests. Search for schools around your area and see if they offer some form of Hiragana training. If so, make sure they have a proficiency test and take it. Find out your results and the level of your current Hiragana education.

Try all these methods because it will give you some form of meta-analysis. If you do well on the tests, congratulations! If not, do not give up and get the necessary education to better your situation. Have fun testing!

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