History of the Bach Flower Therapy


The Bach flower therapy sometimes called flower essence therapy, or Bach flower remedy, is essentially flowers discovered by Dr. Bach Edward. It resembles the homeopathy almost in all aspect and is proven to be a great medicine for psychological problems.

Bach invented a method for producing the flower remedy and named it Pontentization, or the sun method. In fact, the only difference that exists between homeopathy and Bach flower solutions is in the production bit. Dr. Bach believed that the flower therapy was meant to cure mental disorders that are the exact cause of the disease in our bodies. Before his death he had successfully come out with thirty eight remedies for Bach flower therapy. Each remedy was meant for specific mental or emotional disorder. Since then, researchers have worked on the Bach’s flower therapy and came out with fabulous results.

The remedies consisted of sun infusions diluted flowers. They were collected, then the flower buds taken and exposed to the sun for some hours in a bowl of water. It is then diluted to form a solution, and then packed in stores for selling. Bach flower therapy had nothing to do with artificial additives. It was totally natural and maintained that feature up to date.

As said earlier each Bach remedy is always used as a stand alone, or can be mixed with other solutions, for it to work better. Flowers are sorted according to qualities and used for specific remedies. They are always separated according to individual needs with much attention given to specific problems like anxiety, stress, depression, insomnia and many other problems.

The “rescue method” is the most known Bach flower solution. It is made of ingredients blended with a combination of different other remedies. The solution is proven to work well for stresses, panic and anxiety problems. It is recommendable to be used on household pets. It helps tame and calm domestic animals and improves on their behavior.

The additional therapies have added even more remedies but they are all based in the original Bach principal. Bach flower therapy was established in Dr. Edwards Bach center. Bach had reasons behind this great solution, and among them was he wanted to treat the mental disorder that many were going through at that time. He also focused on those who had fears of unknown things in life.

He also wanted to solve the problem of inability to say NO. The Bach flower therapy successfully solved the problem of one being hopeless and despair and the problem of discouragement after losing. During his invention, many people were facing psychological torture and there was prior need of solving these problems out. In the long run he found himself solving many other problems too. What he really focused on was the stress and depression that left many brains hinged. The Bach flower therapy has currently been researched and many improvements made. Many great brains are till working on Bach’s idea to come out with even more resolutions.

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