History Of Web Hosting


It will be not wrong to say that web hosting technique took a powerful entry in the scene of the World Wide Web and internet. Internet and the World Wide Web are the greatest inventions in the technology till today and will remain. It is for obvious that when in 1991 internet came into existence, it was not advanced as it is today, many changes have been made and still everyday new inventions and updations are being done in the vast world of internet. The electronic mail or in short email as well as World Wide Web came in existence at the same time. It was also in 1991 that revolution came in field of internet. With the birth of internet, website came. Due to this, opportunity was created for everyone to create web pages. With this revolution there were lots of business restrictions that were removed from this region.

Internet became popular in very few days and there were some reasons responsible for this to make it happen, and with this the hosting services started. Slowly and slowly when companies realized that the future is of internet and they have the potential of web hosting, they started offering services to the companies who wanted to host their web sites on the internet to make people all over the world aware about the products or the services they offer. But in past internet or anything related to this fields was limited to the computer experts, or the universities, gradually it grew for others.

When the internet reached to the common man it became possible for the people to access the websites or the web pages. Later the formats were little typical which were then made easier for the people. The work of the web sites and web pages was a tough job, so the companies which had professional experts and had mastery over the work ruled the market and succeeded and cashed the opportunities.

When the web hosting came into market, not everyone was able to use the service as they were complex and expensive too. As the time passed the things became easier than before. But the web hosting companies were still needed to the job of web site making and all related things. It is now very cheap to hire a web host. In fact today some companies in the market are offering free services, though there are some drawbacks in the services they provide. In past, there were big computer business industries which rented out the space from their own servers. But today the web hosting companies have captured the market and are self sufficient in providing space or servers. The companies provide the facilities such as setting up the servers and bandwidth. Free companies offer less bandwidth in comparison to that of the paid companies which provide a good rate of bandwidth.

So the concept of the hosting came into being since 1991 when the internet and World Wide Web were invented.

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