Holidays and City Breaks in Berlin


Germany’s capital is one of Europe’s most visited and most interesting cities. There are a great number of sites to visit around the city and holidaymakers have the opportunity to do novel things that cannot be done in other European capitals. One of the most popular novelty experiences among those taking their holidays in Berlin is to ride the train from the west to the east of the city and watch the landscape and architecture change. Although reunification has been a great success in Germany’s cosmopolitan capital it is still very obvious when travelling from east to west that it had evolved as two completely separate cities.

Berlin’s parks are very popular among holidaymakers looking for a nice scenic route through the centre of town or for a way to relax during the warm summer months. The Tiergarten is by far the city’s most popular park but for those who want to head a little off of the beaten path there are some nice quiet parks that should be seen by more visitors. For holidaymakers that have taken the trip from east to west the Treptower Park is a good day out and it is the home of one of the city’s most impressive Soviet war memorials.

After a trip to see Treptower Park and the memorial to the fallen of the battle of Berlin holidaymakers can visit another of Berlin’s less well trodden parks, the Volkspark Friedrichshain. Started in 1840 it is Berlins oldest Public Park and at 52 hectares is the second largest after the Tiergarten. Those who are enjoying cheap holiday deals to Berlin can spend a perfect summer’s day walking barefoot across Freidrichshain’s well kept lawns or getting some exercise on the free tennis courts. For younger visitors there are a number of playgrounds and there is a free skate park.

The best and most photographed monuments in Friedrichshain are the fairytale fountain and some of the socialist monuments dotted throughout the park. The parks two hills, the ‘Rubble Mountains’ are made up of debris from the war. Berlin’s main public park, the Tiergarten had originally been a hunting ground for Freidrich III but now provides tourists and Berliners a refuge from the hectic pace of city life. At almost 170 hectares it is Berlin’s largest park and one of the largest city parks in the world. The park is wonderful for a walk or bike ride and it is very popular for barbecues and picnics.

The Tiergarten has a flea market on Strasse des 17 Juni, the road that cuts through the middle of the park. The flea market is excellent for visitors who are looking for original gifts while enjoying a relaxed day in the park. Many holidaymakers taking cheap flights to Berlin will also visit the Tiergartens zoo and aquarium. Berlin zoo runs one of the world’s most successful breeding programs and is home to some 1500 different animal species making it one of the most diversely stocked zoos in the world.


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