Holly Lucille’s NaturaPause – What Can It Do For You?


As a big advocate of naturopathy and holistic health, I was pretty excited to experience Dr. Holly Lucille’s Naturapause course first hand.  Now admittedly I am a bit younger than her target audience, I was pretty eager to pick up this course because it’s never to early to experience healthy living and good advice.

Now both my fiancée and I are pretty healthy, but since we’re both under 30, we still have a bit of a devil may care attitude towards health; we’re still young and we’ve got time, right?  Well recently, we both have been finding that we seem to have less energy than normal.  We tried switching beds, buying a good air purifier and even switching our diets.

Nothing quite seem to be working.  We couldn’t get ourselves back to 100% and we were beginning to think that it was just all in our heads.  That’s when my girlfriend came across the naturapause program and wanted to give it a try.  I was an easy sell as I mentioned above, I’m pretty big into alternative medicines ever since my experience with acne.

And Dr Lucille has a really down to earth and well written system.  As we read through it, she was describing exactly what had happened to us, the lack of energy and general malaise, and explained how our hormones had basically taken a dive in our bodies.  I really wouldn’t have believed it, seeing as how we’re still young and fairly healthy.  But proof was in the pudding.

We followed the plan and managed to feel like our normal selves again.  I won’t say we felt like 110% and lost 20lbs at the same time; but we did experience a return to our old energy levels  and probably did manage to drop a few pounds of fat.

All in all, Dr Lucille has a very unique approach to medicine that combines both typical, western beliefs along with more natural, holistic practices.  If you’re the type of person that has something wrong, but no one can really tell you why, you might want to check out her hormone renewal program and recharge yourself from the inside out.  Check out her program on her website


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