Hollywood celebrities in different hairstyles


Beside outfits, make-up and accessories, hairstyle is well cared for by Hollywood celebrities. Generally speaking, changing something in your appearance will make us newer and more attractive. And hairstyles are not exception. Long or short, straight or curly styles as well as different hair colors all affect greatly the outlook. Moreover, it can help our Hollywood celebrities feel more confident and look more charming on the red carpet as well as before the media. Let’s see following images of Hollywood stars’ hairstyles and find out how different they are after changing their own style. Why don’t you mimic to beautify yourself in daily life?


Jennifer Lopez looks more elegantly noble with the special knot hairstyle.


Jessica Stroup is confident and stylish with short haircut.


Long curly hair makes Michelle William younger.


Kate Holmes seems to be older but attractive with curly hairstyle.


Taylor Swift, the country star, is always charming whether in straight or curly hair.


Kirsten Dunst appears sexier with blonde curly hairstyle.


Janet Jackson, Pop King’s younger sister, looks more feminine in long curly hair.


Hayden Panettiere is beautiful with long curly hair and stylish with short haircut.


Drew Barrymore is really different with bob style.



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