Hollywood Celebrity Plastic Surgery


There is the fact that time makes human change. However, sometimes Hollywood’s stars change suddenly and it’s obvious that they went under knife. They are so shy to admit that they got plastic surgeries. They “blame” for makeup and outfits which help them to look more beautiful and sexiest. It’s plastic surgery that makes their noses higher, their faces smaller and their lips sexier and so on. Gazing with Stars before and after plastic surgery


Anna Faris’ lips got a little bigger between 2002 and 2008.Is that the only plastic surgery this actress got?


Miley Cyrus got a nose job. Miley’s new nose is much more defined and has been thinned through the bridge and the tip


Pop Diva Britney Spears seemed to get a nose job which makes her nose smarter.


Demi Moore had millions of dollars worth of plastic surgery. Her face is not even the same shape it used to be. Her face barely moves, her eyes and jawline are completely different


Halle Berry, who has almost certainly had a nose job and thrived on a looks-obsessed Hollywood


Playboy model Holly Madison on her plastic surgery


Singer Jessica Simpson admitted in couple of occasions to have had plastic surgery done to augment her lips


Transformers” star, Megan Fox, was in the “plastic surgery spot light” because of the change on her nose from having a pretty obvious bump into bump-less perfection.


Actress Scarlett Johanson is rumored to have had a lip augmentation and nose surgery


Natalie Portman got a nose job, which makes nose wider and not as much space between nose and upper lip


Catherine Zeta Jones went overboard with the Botox



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