Hollywood Stars: Before and After Plastic Surgeries


It is not easy to find a totally natural face and body on the red carpet nowadays because cosmetic surgery has become more and more popular. It is not only for the rich and famous, but also for the middle class. Most of us think that famous people are more perfect and attractive than the average person. However, it seems that every Hollywood star has had a little work done and they look more gorgeous than us due to plastic surgery. The well-known stars such as Jennifer Aniston, Melanie Griffith, Megan Fox, Lil’ Kim, Joan Rivers and so on are rumored to go under the knife. Let’s have a look at the photos as follows to see what they look like before and after cosmetic surgery.


Jennifer Aniston

“The Break-Up” and “Friends” star Jennifer Aniston not only has one but two Nose Jobs. After the surgery, Aniston’s nose appears more beautiful with a narrower bridge.


Megan Fox

Megan Fox captures the heart of teenage boys everywhere, but not by her natural beauty. Many people believe that Megan Fox was actually a babe before and her new appearance is eye-catching.


Ellen DeGeneres

The face and eyelift of Ellen are nice. These things are enough to give her younger appearance. It doesn’t seem that Ellen has experienced a plastic surgery.


Ashlee Simpson-Wentz

There is no problem with Simpson’s old nose and also nothing wrong with her new nose. However, a small change make the star feel more confident.


Melanie Griffith

Melanie Griffith is rumored to have numerous plastic surgery procedures. Nobody understands why the Hollywood star likes huge upper lip.


Lil’ Kim

It seems to be unnecessary for Lil’ Kim to completely re-carve her nose and cheeks. Her before face was much more beautiful although it was a little bit tweaked


Lisa Rinna

Rinna has turned her pretty smile into a painful-looking pucker. This is the bad results of multiple procedures.


Joan Rivers

Let’s see the bad changes of Rivers’ face before and after plastic surgery. It is the evidence to show that plastic surgery is not always good.



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