Home Acne Remedies That Work


Home acne remedies that work can be made from simple ingredients that are found in every kitchen. You do not need to invest in expensive and dangerous products for getting rid of acne. The best way to cure acne is through a healthy diet, plenty of water, and lots of acne remedies. Not every remedy works for each person, so try out different methods until you find a winning solution.

Baking Soda Paste

Making a paste out of water and baking soda can give your pores a deep cleanse and lessen the chance of getting acne. Combine the soda and water together and then apply it to your face. Let the paste sit for 15 minutes or until it starts feeling dry. Rinse off with water and use a light moisturizer on your skin. The baking soda will dry off any extra oil on your face and help the blemishes to heal faster. This acne treatment also works for people who are suffering from blackheads.

Aloe Vera and Other Mixtures

This recipe calls for a combination of ingredients, but they all can be found in most kitchens. You will need aloe vera, lime juice, garlic, mint juice, and orange. Place the aloe vera on your acne in the morning for five to ten minutes. Grind the orange peel with some water and apply on and around the acne. The garlic is used to place directly on your pimples to help it come to a head. Mint juice should be applied before bed every night. The lime juice can be turned into a facial wash when combined with a cup of boiled milk. All of these ingredients are can be used throughout the day as effective acne cures.

Apple Remedy

Grate some apples together along with a bar mild soap. The apples should be relatively fresh and the grated soap should have organic or natural properties. Mix both of these ingredients together with two teaspoons of honey before adding a few ounces of water. Let the mixture sit a few minutes before applying to your face. This substance can become quite messy, so tie your hair back and be careful not to get it on your clothes. The apple remedy acts like a facial wash for removing the dirt and deeply cleaning out the pores. Let the mixture sit on your face a

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