Home Remedies For Asthmatics


Asthma is a lung affliction that affects millions of people throughout the world. Inflammation in the airways restricts the amount of air that travels throughout the lungs. This condition can create what are known as asthma attacks. These attacks can become quite frightening and cause extreme anxiety. There are different levels of asthma. Some are not very severe, and in fact can be quite mild. But other people suffer from more extreme levels of asthma. Anytime your airways become constricted the air will have difficulty moving out or in.

Asthma is generally triggered by different factors which include lack of exercise, genetics, diet which includes a lot of processed food and salt, exposures to smoke, dust mites, pollen, certain foods, chemicals, dust and other irritants.

Here are some home remedies for asthma sufferers.

A lot of people consider honey to be very beneficial for fighting the symptoms of asthma. Simply mix a teaspoon of honey and water and drink it three times a day. This is thought to allow patients to breathe much easier. A few other home remedies include putting garlic cloves which have been boiled in milk, drinking ginger tea, increasing the consumption of coffee also is said to be very beneficial.

There are also other remedies which many people use in their fight against asthma. One is to blend lemon juice, honey and radish in a blender. Then cook on low heat. Take one teaspoon every morning. During an attack some people will mix camphor and mustard oil and rub it on the chest. Yet another home remedy for asthma is to take grapes and soak them in water overnight. Then you want to soak them in cold milk for 30 minutes and then eat them. A natural inhalant is to simply put a few drops oil of Juniper in hot water.

As you can see there are many home remedies for asthma. Since very severe asthma attacks can be fatal it is always recommended that you do not rely solely on home remedies over traditional medicine.

However, some of these can be quite effective and certainly can be safely used.

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