Home Remedies For Cold Sores – Is Toothpaste An Effective Cold Sore Home Remedy?

.tags Over 60% of people suffer from the Type 1 Herpes virus and are seeking home remedies for cold sores. This type of Herpes usually affects the mouth area but can also spread to the eyelids, ears and other parts of the face, making it very serious for some sufferers. Because most people don’t want to take pills to get rid of the blisters, methods for cold sore home remedy are quite popular.

Early Warning Signs

Early detection can be a decisive weapon against this Type 1 virus. Generally forewarning indicators like itching, warmth, or even a small bulge formation are various kinds of warnings that you should look at seriously.

As if having these sores isn’t uncomfortable enough, infected individuals are also extremely contagious. The virus can transfer from one host to another with even limited contact. Infection is caused by coming into contact with another person who is carrying the virus. You can contract the virus from kissing or from sharing the same glass with an infected person.

Just because you’ve been in contact with a carrier doesn’t mean you’ll get an outbreak, but you just don’t know because one can flare up at any time. The worst part about it is, once you have it, it tends to keep coming back. Pretty soon, you’re plagued with chronic sores on your lip.

In this case, you need to take precautions so you don’t transmit the virus to other people. First, never scratch or touch the infected area with your hands. Always use a cotton swab, then promptly throw it away. Avoid oral contact with family and friends. Make sure you wash your drinking glass and utensils with a good antibacterial soap.

Home Remedies for Cold Sores

Another option which you have is to use traditional old age methods which are primitive in nature but effective. One cold sore home remedy is to apply toothpaste to the exposed blister. A numbing and cooling down effect is caused by the active ingredients within the toothpaste. Itchiness as well as soreness will be diminished because blood begins to circulate away from the infected area again.

Both active along with inactive ingredients with this cold sore home remedy consist of bacterial as well as antibacterial substances, enzymes and baking soda, to name a few. These types of agents can help in eliminating germs, bacteria and viruses.

There are three separate steps in using toothpaste as a cold sore home remedy: first sanitize, then disinfect and finally, apply the toothpaste. Ensure that you put on the toothpaste uniformly with a cotton swab. Blisters will probably form and then crust over and heal. Put it on both in the morning hours as well as prior to going to bed.

There are many other home remedies for cold sores. Some work, and some don’t. The best remedy is one that not only makes it disappear quickly but also permanently.

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