Homemade Carp and Catfish Bait Recipes – Ingredients For More Big Fish!


Everyone would like cheaper bait at the moment and not too many angler care if it is highly nutritionally attractive or not for long-term success; they just want to know they can be sure to be able to get bites and hook fish on the very first cast. So here is a bait recipe that will hook you big carp for pennies and get you started on the road to making exceptional homemade baits that save you a fortune – read on right now!

The first point of reference you need to understand is this; how carp senses and adapted behaviours work in direct response to your hook baits in particular! This point will surprise most carp anglers who simply do not know or even care how carp end up on their hooks no matter what bait is used! But this part about bait is one of the most awesomely powerful secret keys to carp and catfish fishing success so you had better find out as much as you can to stay ahead of the fish and your angling competition using exorbitantly expensive ready made baits!

Carp and catfish have evolved to be extremely sensitive to substances leaching out from their natural foods in very low levels and this is especially indicative of the amines like the betaine and amino acids, salts, ammonia and organic acids (rather like butyric acid etc) secreted by all kinds of natural aquatic carp food items. Think about it – just how many carbohydrate foods can you think of that are found in a lake apart from plants supplying attractive sucrose and forms of essential soluble fiber for instance? On the part of catfish, fish are obviously the source of many natural feeding triggers such as those above and fish being what they eat contain stimulatory betaine just like us humans too!

Think of a bait that replicates some of the natural aspects of natural carp food perhaps in size and certain physical characteristics. You might use mussels, or shrimps or snails or bloodworm, or caddis fly larvae for instance. Sweetcorn is not notably rich in amino acids being a predominantly starch based seed, but it does contain two very sweet substances attractive to carp; sugar and betaine and it supplies soluble fiber, live enzymes and other things besides!

Many of you are familiar with sweetcorn as a carp bait so before going into a list which will literally produce a bait that is pretty much fully digestible protein (a high proportion of it being water soluble too,) I will begin in this piece with a simple and highly effective sweetcorn bait. (You can find more about protein baits and much more in my unique bait ebooks.)

Because I have made so many versions of this kind of bait I rarely repeat the same one twice – when I make instant baits I do not care if a fish have never experienced it before because that is the point. Big fish will often come very easily to new unfamiliar baits and beginners luck for those using unusual baits is definitely no coincidence!

Start off by getting a half a kilogram of very fresh or quality fresh frozen sweetcorn. If you cannot get either of these then get the sweetest strain of sweetcorn with the highest sugar content you can find. Tinned is OK and has added sugar and salt but the taste is not as good compared to fresh stuff so do experiment with a few brands until you find one you find the sweetest! This point is very important and very worthwhile!

There are obviously lots of things you can add to a simple cheap bait to improve performance but I will keep this very basic and as cheap as possible here. Next get a food liquidizer and put some cheap cordial in natural fruit flavours in to the liquidizer so you have a layer about 1 centimeter deep of juice in there and add your sweetcorn. You might add half a banana or some fresh strawberries or blueberries etc and add some water so they mix OK so you have a truly natural bait rich in natural esters and bioactive components etc, bit this adds to the cost; it is your choice. You can be sure your bait will certainly be different!

Next liquidize your mixture and if it is too thick to liquidize well just add some water – preferably mineral water or filtered water and not chlorine and fluorine poisoned tap water! Carry on mixing until you have a nice thick flowing liquid! You can of course add eggs instead of water if you want less water soluble and more resilient pastes or dough baits or wish to make boilies or pellets etc. For a higher protein bait or for catfish try adding the cheapest fresh or tinned fish you can find including pilchards or sardines in brine or oil or even tomato source!

All you need now is some powder of some sort to bind your liquid into a paste. I have used the cheapest possible including white wheat flour and maize meal and these together work fine. I go for the yellow form of maize meal just like the yellow full fat semolina instead of the pretty much valueless while stuff.

To mix just put your liquid in a big container and gradually add your powder until l you have a paste. You might use a food mixer if you are making lots to save time. One mixed into a firm dough your bait is ready to fish with or you can make it into dough or paste balls, or air dry them or go on and boil them to make boilies etc; the choice is yours!

This bait is rich in both natural feeding triggers attractors and will prove when you use it that big fish can be caught on very cheap baits! There are very many more options and variations to choose from that vary a lot from more standard fish meal type approaches for instance. Also the choices to cut the corners that seriously speed bait-making up and will save you a fortune are fantastic and will ensure your baits are well differentiated from the normal baits carp usually experience and will keep on hooking big fish. Your cheap homemade baits can be made to be completely unique and very different and this point is so very significant in getting around carp conditioning and defensive behaviours!

So why not go fishing, fish intelligently, and get your simple bait that is made for pennies in front of feeding carp and you will catch them!

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