Homemade Tuna Salad Recipe For Healthy Eating


Salads are a great side dish to any kind of meal. They are light, non-messy and good to eat. Apart from this, they are also very healthy because most salads don’t involve cooking; all ingredients offer their natural health benefits. Tuna, as everyone knows is a powerhouse of nutrients; it’s rich in protein, B vitamins and minerals. Apart from these, tuna also has the Omega 3 Fatty acids; these are extremely beneficial to the heart and also help in controlling cholesterol.

A lot of health benefits have been attributed to the tuna; regular intake is said to prevent heart attacks, Alzheimer’s disease, cure dry eyes, minimize risk of muscular degeneration, boost kidney and colon health, flush out toxins from the body, prevent asthma and control blood pressure. When a food product offers so many benefits to the health; most people think it’d definitely taste bad. However, the tuna’s enjoyed by people from all over the world and its taste is relished along with its good attributes. While canned tuna’s available everywhere in the United States, fresh tuna’s said to be much more flavoursome and is enjoyed by people at coastal towns.

The tuna salad is a versatile dish. You can combine tuna with a variety of ingredients to make a good, healthy salad. This is because tuna has a mild flavour that goes well with lots of other salad ingredients. This salad can be had as a side dish or used as a filling for sandwiches. The tuna salad sandwich is an American favourite. Dieters love this salad for its low calorie count and its nutrition value.

Here’s a recipe for an easy tuna salad that uses a combination of ingredients that are different from the usual bland salad components. Try this out and see how fast it vanishes.

You’ll need –

To make the salad –

* Canned tuna – drained and flaked – 1 Can

* Mayonnaise or any salad dressing – 6 tbsp

* Sweet pickle relish – 3 tbsp

* Dried crushed onion flakes – 1/8 tsp

* Parmesan cheese – 1 tbsp

For seasoning

* Dried parsley – 1 tbsp

* Curry powder – ΒΌ tsp

* Dried dill weed – 1 tsp

* Garlic powder – to taste

Combine the salad ingredients in a bowl and stir till they’re mixed well. Add the seasoning and mix again.

Your tuna salad’s ready. Transfer to serving bowl and offer as a side dish with crackers or use as a sandwich filling.

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