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Destinations UK-Ireland is dedicated to helping the traveler and tourist interested in learning more about England, Scotland, Ireland, and Wales. At our site you can book accommodations, plan tours, research places to visit, find travel tips, and read about the many attractions of the UK and Ireland.

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England, Scotland, Wales, and Ireland each have their own national flavour and distinct personality. The country of Ireland is not politically part of the United Kingdom. However, because many tourists and travellers go to the island to enjoy both Northern Ireland and Ireland, we have included both in our website to accommodate their interest.

From Chester and Tower Bridge to York and Oxford, England is full of treasured icons of history. But it also remains up to date with a confidence and elegance departed from its days in the never-setting sun. Fashion, style, royal banquets, night clubs, shopping malls- England’s rates with the world’s greatest travel destinations.

England is the king of heritage cities around the world- the breathtakingly gorgeous bath, Cheste, Canterbury, Oxford, Durham, York, and Stratford-upon-Avon. All these states offer the magnificent wealth of legacy that you could fantasize in a travel trip to England.

Oxford is the most popular and unique city of England. A first sight shows that it is exceptional with mellow beauty and architectural sophistication refined by the magnificence of the dreaming spires. Another beautiful city is Canterbury. You can best explore this city on foot, and tourists who find enough time to walk the maze of fascinating side streets will explore a rich diversity of specialist stores and attractive cafés. Chester is a really extraordinary cheap travel destination. The stunning backdrop of customs, excellent countryside and amazing gardens is combined with freshness of the day and vitality of the past. York is the richest source of Britain’s vibrant history. Voted in last summer as Europe’s Favorite City and in winter ‘The UK’s Best City’, and being a compact hedged riverside area, it offers an incredible array of renowned attractions, dynamic events and an active restaurant and coffee bar culture.

All countries share the past, and their histories are intermingled. Villages, towns, and cities have much to interest the tourist and traveller. Historic buildings, castles, and museums abound. Royal palaces, ruined abbeys, and ancient monuments compete for attention. A fascinating array of architectural styles attracts the eye.

The countryside with its cottages, hedgerows, and drystone walls is hard to resist. There are mountains to climb, heritage coastal paths to follow, and gardens to covet. Take time to enjoy the many facets of these island jewels.

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