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I am a golfer. My family golfs, my friends golf, and even my colleagues at work like to play golf. We do it as a relaxation technique, although, at times, we tend to throw temper tantrums and throw our clubs around the course, which can get ugly. Golf is a sport we enjoy playing as it allows us to speak to one another, share our daily views on topics, and offers a challenging game to us to try to conquer. It can be a conditioning sport if you choose to walk the course, but riding in a cart is also a nice relaxing event.

Golf is obviously played outdoors, usually in sunny conditions. The sun can be damaging to those who don’t take proper care of their skin. Skin can be damaged by the sun if you don’t protect it properly. Being from Miami, the sun is very hot, and very punishing. Often times I see old men walking off the course with farmers tans. This is hilarious to me, but can be prevented. If you don’t know what a farmers tan is, it comes from the Midwest, where farmers work all day on the farm in the hot sun, only to come inside with distinct tan lines above their socks, under their sleeves, and around their necks. Farmers work hard, and don’t often apply sunblock.

If you golf, take care of your skin. Apply sunblock on your body before teeing off. I used to get a “v” where my polo shirt opens up around my breasts, as I would usually apply the cream around my face and neck, but forget to put it above my breast and under my neck. The sun works in strange ways, and doesn’t offer an even tan! I recommend re-applying the sunblock each 4 holes. I play in Miami, and occasionally in Latin America, so we are closer to the equator then most people, and the sun gets dangerous down there!!! If you are in the midwest, however, or somewhere in the north, don’t underestimate the sun. Skin damage can lead to long term effects like sunspots, wrinkles, and discoloration. Apply plenty of skin moisturizer before you play as well. I also recommend that you apply aloe vera if indeed you burn your skin at any time.

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