Hotel Concourse in Hong Kong


So you have always heard about HK, but never visited it, or are some what pessimistic as to what you’ll do in Chinese town. What’s the food going to be like, the people, the culture, the temperature and most important of all whatever will you do there? Well, these instincts are normal, but not right. You see, I have always just heard about HK regarding its progress in their infrastructure, design and naturally the hotel concourse HK, but never had I imagined it to be my favourite town in the world.

So, I prepared a flight to HK and next the thing I knew, I was in Hong Kong in the scorching hot summer with 32 degree and 95% humidity. My experience in HK was impressive. Words unfortunately have boundaries ; footage can only give you a sense of how a city is, but when you actually live in city of HK the experience is bind blowing. You’ve got to be there experience the harbour View towards HK Island, you have got to be there to experience the climb to’the peak’ to see the entire view of the pretty town of HK, you have got to sit in the ferry to sniff the sweet air of HK.

All of the sites that I found were by corporations throwing their bias pitch towards their product, either a hotel, or a tourism package. After endless searching, I finally discovered a perfect website by a student who went to college of HK to study for one month from varsity of Toronto. His website has some incredible footage of the approach to life in HK, all the skylines and all the cool places he went to, plus his private blog with his experience and recommendation. I have to say, the way I saw HK was precisely like it was displayed in his photographs.

Folks just relaxing on the side of the roads, heaps of construction employees just working around the clock and variety of food offered by different street vendors. Anyways, you may enjoy checking out these photos of HK. If your inquisitive about visiting HK, then visiting his site is a must and even if your not very interested in HK, then just checking out the town is still a thrill!

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