How Do I Get My Glass Top Dining Table Smear Free?


Isn’t it annoying when you spend ages cleaning your glass top dining table only to still have smears all over it from insufficient cleaning products? Well why not try some more traditional and eco friendly ways to clean your table and home?

At the moment it seems like people will do anything to save money. We scrimp and save, forfeit nights out and coupons have become part of a daily routine! But we have we thought about how to save money when cleaning? Cleaning products can be expensive so why not try some traditional methods?

Traditional and Eco Ways to Clean Your Glass Top Dining Table

– Newspaper

One of the most traditional ways to get a streak free finish is to use newspaper. This method has been around for many years. Because newspaper doesn’t have the lint that is left over from paper towels and dusters, it leaves no streaks. For added effect or for very dirty windows or black glass dining table you could try to use vinegar with the newspaper. Vinegar has many properties such as cleaning, anti-bacterial and even medical so it is the perfect choice for cleaning your glass.

– Lemon

Lemon is another one of those items that you always have in the house but never think to do anything with other than eat! For cleaning glass you can add some drops of lemon juice into a spray bottle of water and use that as a cleaner. It will work on other surfaces too. The lemon is anti-bacterial and will also smell lovely. If you have a smelly microwave, try cutting a lemon in half and placing it in a bowl of hot water in the microwave. Turn the microwave on for a minute or two and the lemon will slowly absorb the bad smells while replacing it with a lemony smell. Lemon is also great for breaking down oily or fatty build up so it will work really well on your oven too.

– Steam

Steam cleaning is a great way to clean your whole house including your glass top dining table. Steam is a natural way (without using any chemicals) to break down any dirt that you may have building up on your surfaces or tables. The steam will kill any germs that may be lurking too. Steam can be an invaluable way to clean fabrics too.

So in answer to the question “how do I get my glass top dining table smear free?”, I would suggest the natural way. Chemicals are no longer needed to get a smear free finish so why not change your ways today (and your bank balance) and go for the green way to clean.

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