How Do I Know If I Have Depression

.tags How do I know if I have depression, you may be asking yourself. Depression can sometimes be difficult to diagnose because of the multiple different symptoms that can vary in individuals. Some individuals may experience different symptoms than another. In addition. Physical illnesses can be an underlying cause for depression yet on the other hand depression can cause physical symptoms characteristic of a physical illness. So how do I know if I have depression?

Going to a health professional can help in diagnosing depression. However, as with any illness you need to get as much information about that illness as possible. This will afford you the ability to ask the appropriate questions which will hopefully lead to a successful treatment plan.

Let us take a look at some of symptoms caused by depression so that it may be possible you can get a firm understanding into what depression is, thus allowing you to maybe understand what you are feeling.

Give yourself a moment to relax as best as possible and try yo reflect back what may be making you feel the way you are feeling.

Has there been an accumulation of unpleasant events in your life.
Are you experiencing any physical symptoms

Go through the following list of symptoms and see if any apply to you.

Negative thinking
A loss of energy
A feeling of excessive guilt
Feeling a sense of worthlessness
Sensations of aches and pains
Excessive sleeping
Inability to focus or concentrate
Feeling irritable, getting frustrated easily, or restlessness
A loss of interest in pleasurable activities

If you are feeling these things and there have been traumatic or unpleasant events in your life you very well could have depression. Sometimes there may be an physical illness that can cause depression. The best thing to be sure would be to take care of the physical symptoms and make sure there is nothing really wrong by seeing a doctor. Back pain can cause insomnia and depression yet depression can cause back pain and insomnia. Take care of the back pain by having it looked at by a doctor. If there is nothing causing the back pain it just may be depression causing it.

Here is a list of thoughts that a depressed person may be thinking. See if you may be having these thoughts.

I feel sad all the time
I’m not enjoying the things I used to like doing
I don’t feel like going on with my life
I don’t deserve to feel happy
I could care less if I died

If you believe you may be depressed you should seek professional help or entrust a close family member and let them know whats going on so they may be able to get you help. Hopefully after reading this article you will not have to ask, how do I know if I have depression, anymore.

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