How LGN Prosperity Affiliates Benefit From the Program


LGN Prosperity is more than just another MLM opportunity. With un unusual design called the “follow me matrix” and best-in-the-industry commission payments every week you participate, this is one of the most rewarding opportunities currently available on the Web. It is something that you could turn into a good money-making internet business.

Introducing the Matrix

LGN Prosperity uses a 2×2 matrix that is a simple compensation plan based on finding 2 individuals who in turn find two others (6 people total). It allows one to find other people to join under you and begin creating their own online businesses for you to earn commissions. It is called the “follow me” matrix because you allow other people to follow you into the next matrix and they always remain your followers.

Once you make your one-time investment of $ 299 and sign into the LGN Prosperity matrix system you are only required to find two more people who want to join the matrix under you. They are given the same opportunity to build their own online business and earn extra money just like you. When they enroll two other people, your matrix is filled and you make commissions.

In turn, each of those two people needs to enroll two other people of their own to start their own online business and sign into the matrix as well. Once you have completed your duty to enroll two people and they enroll 2 more people each, your matrix gets filled. At this point you complete a full cycle and earn money.

But this is where the fun begins! Whenever anyone from your team cycles, they get reinserted into your new matrix thus getting you closer and closer to cycling again and earning another $ 777 payment.

The good news is that you will never be required to sign up more than two people on your own to complete your cycle. It is never a bad idea to sign up more as your efforts will get you closer to cycling, but even if you do not do that your matrix will eventually fill up thanks to your team’s work and spillover from you upline.

The Payment Plan

Every time you complete a cycle in the LGN Prosperity matrix you make $ 777 in commissions. This is the money that goes into your pocket as you complete a new cycle in the matrix.

LGN Prosperity is so generous that the total commission per cycle is actually $ 1,076 (do the math!), but LGN automatically deducts $ 299 and re-enters you into the next cycle. The remaining $ 777 is yours.

Commissions are paid on a weekly basis and you are free to cycle as many times as you want within any given week. This means you literally have no boundaries or limits when it comes to your earning potential with LGN Prosperity. How many other internet business opportunities can honestly state that?

How To Get Started

All it takes to set up own internet business with LGN Prosperity and get included into the 2×2 matrix system is pay your initial $ 299 to become a member. That may seem unbelievable especially if you have looked into other programs that offer to start an internet-based business. Most companies tell you to sign up for a monthly autoship option or jump through other hoops before you can officially call yourself a member, but LGN Prosperity makes it easy for anyone by charging you an initial payment that automatically comes with your membership and places you in the game to start your first cycle in the matrix.

In addition to that LGN Prosperity offers you some outstanding downloadable products which you can further supplement your income with and officially start a full scale internet business right from the comfort of your own home. These products will not only be easy to sell, many of them may be useful to you as you begin your own internet-based business as well.

As great as those products are, it is t


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