How To Approach Asian Women


Many guys want to meet Asian women, but they are not quite sure how to go about it because Asian girls sometimes seem a little distant, hard to read. That’s normal though, it’s a cultural thing, because Asians in general do not show as much emotion in public as we are used to in the West. So as a western guy we are not really in tune with these subbtle signals that an Asian girl may send you if she interested. That’s why you need to know the best way to approach an Asian woman.

Here are some quick tips:

If you are in a club, coffeeshop, campus or anywhere and you spot an Asian girl and she smiles at you or keeps looking at you, then it’s safe to assume that she would be interested in talking to you. Don’t expect her to approach you though. So go for it, but don’t walk over to her and act like a drunken frat guy. That’s only going to embarrass her. Most Asian girls are more conservative and they look for boyfriend material from the get go. That means someone who understands her and won’t embarrass her in front of her friends. Pay attention, be patient and polite, but don’t be boring or a pushover.

Guys who are successful with Asian girls will tell you that you must be patient. Don’t go for the home run on the first date. Asian girls are not as sexually confident as white girls in general, so expect it to take time before she is ready to sleep with you. The good thing though is that once the two of you have spent a night together, she will want you as her boyfriend. She just wants you to know that she isn’t easy and that she thinks of you as special to her.

So that’s it really. Be patient, be polite and pay attention.

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