How to Avoid Bloating or American Bulldogs


The Importance of Avoiding Bloat

Bloat can kill your dog in just a few minutes. The dangers of bloat take almost no time at all. Even if you manage to diagnose bloat early, it only takes a few more minutes before its effects become irreparable. Bloat occurs when excess air or fluid manages to enter your dog’s stomach, causing it to swell. Severe bloat can eventually lead to complete obstruction of the abdomen, thus cutting off the blood flow. It can also affect the other organs near the stomach. In just a few minutes of contracting bloat, your dog will start twisting and showing extreme discomfort in the stomach region. Bloat is known as the second leading cause of death in dogs. This is why in the case of bloat in dogs, the saying “prevention is better than cure” applies critically.  

What You Can Do to Prevent Bloat

Familiarizing yourself with the causes of bloat is necessary in bloat prevention. You need to work towards preventing the causes so you can also prevent bloat. Bloat is brought about by a problem in digestion, so most cases of bloat have something to do with a dog’s eating habit. To protect your dog from bloat, keep it from strenuous activities before and after eating. This includes exercising, running around, rolling over, and jumping around. Also, while your dog is eating, if possible, try to pay attention to it. Some dogs tend to eat rapidly, and this can cause problems in digestion, or worse, bloat. It would also be better if you can train your dog to control its eating habits by itself. Feeding your dog a lot of food can also be a cause for bloat. Balance the meals that you prepare for your dog. It is wiser to give it meals twice in a day than give it just one big meal. Other than that, stress is also closely associated with bloat, so what you can do is avoid stressing your dog out. Dogs are very sensitive. They can be stressed out by the littlest things, so try to avoid placing your dog in situations that you think will cause anxiety to it.  

The Big Don’ts in Bloat Prevention

If there are things that you can do to avoid bloat, there are also some things that you should always remember not to do. First, don’t feed your dog dry food all the time. Try to balance it out. The quality of the meals should also be balanced. Don’t feed a meal that is so full of carbohydrates and does not provide other nutrients that are also necessary. Protein and fiber are very important for your dog. Also, if your dog experiences gas pains, don’t ignore it. Gas can lead to bloating, or can even be a symptom. The earlier you treat gas, the better. Aside from that, if you plan on changing your dog food brand, don’t do it so suddenly. The same is true if you are planning to make any changes, big or small, to your dog’s eating habit or pattern. Doing so may cause negative reactions from your dog. And most importantly, don’t spoil your dog and let it become obese. Obesity can increase the risks of bloating in your dog.

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