How to Be Telepathic (Or at Least How to Think You Are)


People have wanted to learn to be telepathic for generations, and for every aspiring telepath there seems to be at least ten different people – mostly absolute charlatans – who claim to know the secrets to learning how to read people’s minds and communicate through thought.

The possibility that telepathy exists isn’t quite beyond my capability to believe in it; but the methods by which most of the websites who offer learning techniques is quite suspect. The first site listed in Google goes through an exercise involving color-guessing. The issue I have with this particular exercise is obvious: in order to do the exercise, you need to have two willing participants. The colors themselves are immaterial; the people involved are the key in my suspicion about the exercise. I9t’s much easier to recruit a close friend for an exercise like this than a complete stranger. As such, guessing your friend’s favorite color is a fairly easy thing to do.

I won’t go as far as to say that telepathy doesn’t exist. But to think that one can learn something as elusive as telepathy simply through guessing what color crayon a person is going to choose feels too simple a process. The supposed teachers of this exercise– with their paint-by-numbers techniques and learning tricks–have a lot to prove as well.

Telepathy has always seemed to me to be a matter of talent first and cultivation later. Being able to tell whether your best friend is lying to you when she tells you her morning had been great is not a sure sign of telepathy; it’s a sure sign only that you know your best friend, as well you should. If you’re really trying to learn telepathy as a discipline and skill, then you should first do far more research about a supposed telepath’s credibility in order to figure out what it is that makes their skills so strong.

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