How To Beat Your Online Competitors With Black Hat Methods

How To Beat Your Online Competitors With Black Hat Methods

How To Beat Your Online Competitors With Black Hat Methods

A few search marketers use unfair methods or Black-Hat methods to get to the top of the search engine rankings. However Black hat Techniques are sure to make you act in haste and repent in leisure
In this article I will be highlighting a few techniques to Optimize your website ethically without using Unfair or Black Hat Optimization Techniques to get good rankings in the organic search engines.

So what exactly is Black Hat SEO ?

Black Hat SEO refers to all those optimization activities that violate the basic search engine guidelines. Black hat methods are adapted to manipulate the Search Engine Result Pages and get to the top of the search engines as soon as possible and with minimal efforts.

If Black Hat gets result, then what’s the harm ?

It’s true that some black hat methods will get you desired results. The only problem with adapting black hat methods is that the results are temporary and causes major damage to the web site. There is something known as the New Site Boost which every new website gets in the search engine result pages. If black hat methods are applied to such new sites, they may come up pretty well in the search engines and may out pass major players. But that’s only temporary, that site will soon start falling in the Search Engine Result Pages and gradually vanish from the search engines.

Once search engines figure out that a site has adapted black hat methods to manipulate the rankings, they will not only penalize the site but might also ban them from the search engines result pages, which means that you will no longer be seen in the search engines even if you search with your domain name.

What are black hat methods?

The following is the list of some commonly used black hat methods:

Keyword stuffing – This is one of the most commonly used black hat methods practiced by black hat SEOs to get faster results. Keyword stuffing refers to redundancy of targeted keywords in the page title, description, body, images etc. This is a serious violation of search engine rules and may result in penalization of your site from the index.

Cloaking – Cloaking refers to pointing one page to the search engine spiders and another version of the same page to the web site visitors. This is done so as to get the spiders to the optimized page while the visitors get to see a different page. Cloaking is another black hat method which will surely ban your site from the search engines. In fact, this is the only reason why major car manufacturer BMW got their German site banned from Google recently.

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