How To Become A Personal Trainer

.tags The significant rise in disease associated with obesity and sedentary living has forced a new emphasis on a commitment to healthy lifestyle habits. In response people are striving to make better choices. Most Americans now understand the association between disease risk and physical activity and recognize the need for an effective exercise regime in the prevention of obesity and related disorders. It is this trend that has driven a rapidly growing demand for quality personal trainers and in the process developing a rewarding and potentially lucrative profession.

The opportunity to find gainful employment in this growing field is high, explaining the department of labors growth predictions. Becoming a personal trainer does not require a four year degree, making it an attractive alternative for individuals who have been laid off or those looking for a new career path and even those looking to add more income on a part time basis.

Many people wonder the steps of how to become a personal trainer; which requires an interest in physical activity and a willingness to use one’s knowledge and expertise to help others succeed. The following steps outlines the process to becoming a personal trainer, will help one avoid common pitfalls and ensures a level of success in a rewarding career.

1.Ensure you have an interest in working with other people and are willing to learn the requisite skills of a safe and effective personal trainer. Personal trainers do not have to have bulging muscles and chiseled abdominals but they do need to know how to write and implement quality exercise programs for people of different needs.

2.Develop your knowledge and skills systematically in preparation for certification by only an NCCA accredited certification board. There are so many ways in preparing for the NCSF board certification exam. NCSF personal trainer education program preparations can be as flexible as home study coursework or depending on one’s time availability can be completely supervised training schools or complete college courses. If time is an issue but instructor lead preparation is of interest then a personal trainer workshop may be a good idea to adjunct the study process.

3.Once adequate preparation is attained, the next step is registering for the personal trainer certification exam. The NCSF offers thousands of exam centers options world wide, so find a testing center for the accreditation exam is easy. In some cases, the training school or college locations will have exam sites on campus. Once a convenient location has been identified, simply register at the date and time that best meets your needs . Check online to find a testing centers in your area.

4.Once you have passed your test the legally defensible certification can be used anywhere in the United States. The NCSF Certified Personal Trainer status is an industry leading mark of distinction and designates you as a legitimate professional.

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