How to Buy Bitcoin for Beginners

How to Buy Bitcoin for Beginners

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Buying Bitcoin can be pretty terrifying for the first time, especially if you are a beginner.

Is your money secure?

Can hackers hack it?

Will the price of Bitcoin drop dramatically soon?

Luckily Bitcoin has been a fairly stable and incredibly profitable investment for its entire lifetime up till now.

Buying Bitcoin has become incredibly easy, and incredibly secure.

First time Bitcoin buyers don’t understand what to look for, and often don’t even understand what Bitcoin is.

This video explains what exactly Bitcoin is, how to buy Bitcoin for the first time, where to buy Bitcoin for the first time, and when to buy and sell Bitcoin.

As of creating this tutorial, the price of Bitcoin is more than $4300. When I first bought Bitcoin the price was half that. That was THIS year.

If you want a diverse portfolio of investments you need cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin in your portfolio.

If you want to increase your investment profits quickly, Bitcoin is a great way to do that.

I also show you about Ethereum and how to purchase Ethereum. If you are unfamiliar with Ethereum, it is Bitcoin on steroroids.

Lots of options in addition to the traditional Bitcoin options.

If you are a beginner, this is the video for you.

Plus you get free Bitcoin just by signing up and buying $100 of Bitcoin.

I recommend Coinbase because they are the most secure Bitcoin platform out there.

Once you are familiar with Coinbase, then hop onto GDAX, move your money over, and save a ton on fees.

Have you already invested in Bitcoin? Let me know!

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