How to Combat High Blood Pressure and Other Common Ailments Using Herbal Remedies

When It Comes to God, What Is Your Understanding…
When It Comes to God, What Is Your Understanding

"People have believed in God for a long time, yet most of them have no understanding of this word “God.” They merely follow along in a muddle. They have no clue as to why exactly man should believe in God or what God is exactly. If people know only to believe in and follow God, but not what God is, nor do they understand God, then is this not the biggest joke in the world? Even though people have witnessed many heavenly mysteries by now and have heard of much profound knowledge that man had never grasped before, they are in the dark on many of the most elementary, as-yet uncontemplated truths. Some people might say, “We have believed in God for many years. How could we not know what God is? Does this not belittle us?” But in reality, although everyone is following Me today, no one has any understanding of all this current work. They let go of even the plainest and easiest of questions, let alone this most complex question of “God.” You should know that those questions that you brush aside and are unable to discover are the ones you most should understand, for you know only to follow the crowd, paying no attention and giving no care to what you should be equipping yourself with. Do you truly know why you should have faith in God? Do you really know what God is? Do you truly know what man is? As a man who has faith in God, if you fail to understand these things, do you not lose the dignity of a believer of God? My work today is this: to have people understand their essence, understand all that I do, and know the true face of God—this is the closing act of My management plan, the last stage of My work. That is why I am telling you all of life’s mysteries in advance, so that all of you can accept them from Me. As this is the work of the final age, I must tell you all the truths of life that you have never taken in before, even if you are unable to absorb them and unable to bear them, because you are simply too deficient and too ill-equipped. I want to conclude My work, to finish all My requisite work, and to inform you fully of what I am commissioning you to do, lest you again stray and fall for the evil one’s deceptions when darkness descends. There are many ways beyond your comprehension, many matters you do not understand. You are so ignorant. I know your stature and your shortcomings well. Therefore, even though there are many words you will not be able to absorb, I still want to tell you all these truths that you have never taken in before—because I keep worrying whether, with your current stature, you will be able to stand testimony for Me. It is not that I belittle you. You are all beasts who have not gone through My formal training, and it is truly questionable how much glory is in you. Although I have spent tremendous energy working on you, it seems that the positive elements in you are practically nonexistent, while the negative elements can be counted on one’s fingers and are only devoted to testimonies to shame Satan. Almost everything else in you is Satan’s poison. You look to Me like you are beyond salvation. So, things being where they are now, I look at your various demeanors, and I finally know your true stature. That is why I keep worrying for you: Left to live life on his own, will man really end up better off than or comparable to how he is today? Are you not anxious over your infantile stature? Can you truly be like the chosen people of Israel, loyal to Me and Me alone under all circumstances? What you are displaying is not the mischievousness of children out of their parents’ sight, but the beastliness that erupts in animals out of reach of their masters’ whips. You should know your nature, which is also the weakness all of you share, your common ailment. Thus My only exhortation to you today is to stand testimony for Me. Do not under any circumstance let the old ailment flare up again. The most important thing is to give testimony. That is the heart of My work. You should accept My words just as Mary accepted Jehovah’s revelation that came to her in a dream, believing and then obeying. Only this qualifies as being chaste. For you are the ones who hear My words the most, the ones most blessed by Me. I am giving you all My valuable possessions, bestowing absolutely everything on you. Your status and that of the people of Israel, however, are so different, so completely worlds apart. Yet compared to them, you are receiving so much more. While they wait desperately for My appearance, you spend pleasant days with Me, sharing of My riches. By comparison, what gives you the right to squawk and squabble with Me and demand portions of My possessions? Are you not receiving enough? I give you so much, but what you give Me in return is heart-rending sadness and anxiety and irrepressible resentment and discontent. You are too repugnant, yet you also arouse pity. Therefore I have no choice but to swallow all My resentment and protest to you again and again. Over these several thousand years of work, I had never brought any objections to mankind before because I have discovered that in the history of mankind’s development, only the deceits among you are the most renowned. They are like precious inheritances left you by the famous ancestor of antiquity. How I hate those less-than-human swine and dogs. You are too conscienceless! Your character is too base! Your hearts are too hardened! If I took these words of Mine and this work of Mine to Israel, I would have gained glory long ago. But not so among you. Among you there is only cruel neglect, your cold shoulder, and your excuses. You are too unfeeling and too worthless!"
from The Word Appears in the Flesh

By maltzevans on 2017-09-07 13:34:21

Are you struggling with a health concern and not finding the answers you need at the doctor’s office? Maybe you have high blood pressure or are on the verge of it? Maybe you seem to always be tired no matter what you seem to do? Maybe you work around children and want to avoid getting a cold or the flu every time you turn around? Whatever the situation, you may be able to find natural cures to assist you with your health goals. 

How to combat high blood pressure and other common ailments using herbal remedies includes:
· Echinacea – an herbal remedy that many have found to be quite effective at reducing the incidence of colds and flu, helping with breathing difficulties of various types, and providing a boost to your body’s white blood cells.
· Garlic, as if being delicious weren’t enough, has been known to reduce blood pressure, lower fevers, and reduce cholesterol levels.
· Stinging nettle, the plant that will make your ankles burn if you accidentally step in it, has a lot of positive properties. It has been known to help with hay fever and allergies, increase milk production for breastfeeding women, serve as a diuretic, and assist with arthritis.
· Ginger, the ingredient so common in many Asian foods, has been known to help with morning sickness, relieving pain, reducing headaches, relieving chest congestion, decreasing the severity of colds and flu, and improving circulation.
· Goldenrod, usually used in making goldenrod tea, has been known to help menopausal hot flashes, diarrhea, and urinary tract infections.
· Celery has been known to be a natural weight loss aid, a help with infections, and a natural detox agent.
There are many more top herbal remedies, and whether you have a specific complaint or simply wish to live a more healthful life or believe you do not get all the benefits you need from your diet.

It is advisable to discuss all natural cures, traditional medicines, and lifestyle choices with your physician.

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