How to Come Out to Your Peers in College – Tips for Gay Students


When people think of the time they spent in college, they often think of a period of their lives filled with experimentation and self-discovery. Regardless of whether you are straight or gay, almost anyone who has gone to college will tell you that college taught them how to be who they really are. Of all the environments we experience in our lifetimes, the college campus is probably the most liberal and freeing place we will ever visit.

Without a doubt, it is extremely challenging to come out and live as an openly known gay. Here are some tips for you to get involve in college life and at the same time be true to your gay identity.

Pick your university wisely. Like the saying goes: “The world is your oyster”, you can explore and grow your pearl just about anywhere you want. It is important that you pick a gay-friendly college. For example, schools with religious environment such as a catholic college or Mormon university might not suit you. Check out the school compound and observe what the student body is like. Are there any gay related events or clubs? Walking around, do you see people who look like the kind of people you’d relate to? It is important that you select a place that you are comfortable with.

Why wait?

For many people, college is a fresh start. You can be whoever you like to be simply because no one knows you. Why not come out immediately? One of the hardest parts of coming out is the fact that your friends are expecting you to be someone you aren’t. There is the fear that you might be disappointing them, or worse, that they might possibly abandon you. But college allows you to change all that. You can just be you. Introduce yourself as the likeable gay person you are, and you will eliminate the stress of the coming out process.

Choose your friends.

One of the great things about college life is that there are so many different types of people. Assuming you went to a smaller high school, it would limit your circle of friends. Choose to surround yourself with like-minded people. You have a choice not to hang out with close minded people, including homophobes, racists and the ignorant. There are people out there for you, and whether they are gay or straight, if they have the same interests and beliefs as you, they will accept you for who you are.

Be active.

Activities will always be there no matter what college you go to. You can join some gay or lesbian groups to meet more people. Regardless of your interest, there will be a club or group that you can join, be it dance, music art, theater, sports, writing and politics. Take advantage of what your college has to offer.

Be more than just gay.

You are no doubt an intriguing, multi-faceted person with many likes and dislikes. And certainly there is more to you than the simple fact that you are gay. You should not neglect other area of interests even though it is great to be active within the gay community. College is an important phrase of your life with many opportunities starting from here, therefore it is vital that you spend your time there wisely in order to grow and develop into a dynamic and well-educated person.

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