How to Create an Elegant Georgian Patio


What could be more delightful that whiling away a sunny Saturday afternoon in the comfort of your glass enclosed Georgian patio? A gentle breeze sighs through the foliage of the black walnut and tupelo trees that dot the expanse of an immaculately manicured lawn. Standard bred horses graze in the adjoining pasture and the humming cadence of bees drifts from the honeysuckle vines that blanket the garden fence.

Georgian patios are a modern take on the classic southern wraparound porch that graced early American homes. Tempered glass has replaced screens and made air-conditioning possible while enhancing a view usually degraded by fly screening. Retrofitting can be done on vintage homes that maintain all or some of the original patio roofing, or do away with it altogether for an enchanting green house effect. The entire circumference of the house can be remodeled, or one or more particular faces can be chosen for refit.

Enclosed Georgian patios offer a decorating venue to accommodate any taste. Wicker and rattan furniture with brightly patterned cushions are often selected but fine walnut and maple rockers and settees are also appropriate. Refinishing the existing house siding can offer a rough hewn backdrop to an elegant motif. If your landscaping is heavily arboreal, consider a light pastel palette for cushions and walls, and warm walnut or oak tones for the supporting furniture frames. Weather damage is never a worry; overstuffed cushions and large fluffy pillows are definitely indicated for the comfortable Georgian porch setting.

If the original wooden floor of your patio is in restorable condition, then do so. Consider two or three heavy-fibered area rugs, around which to group furniture and to provide balance. Light colored rugs with intricate woven patterns provide visual interest and they are a durable solution to high traffic areas. Indoor-outdoor is no longer synonymous with ugly, and there are many beautiful rugs made from natural fibers such as bamboo or sisal to grace your Georgian Patio.

There is no need to leave the garden outside. Consider cascades of persistently flowering begonias suspended in macramé hangers inside and out. The intensely green leaves and bright flowers will counterpoint your furniture and walls. A medley of tiny cache pots planted with African violets nestled at an east facing window is an example of the interest such arrangements can provide. Philodendrons and tall indoor palms of the chamadoerea family do particularly well in glass-ceiling Georgian patios. Such draw the eye upward and add a luxurious intimacy to your enclosed patio.

Recessed lighting will not interfere with daylight illumination and offers an intimate glow in the evening hours. Slatted wooden blinds can block an overly intrusive sun during the day, or one can choose lighter curtains or correctly coordinated cloth blinds that inhibit but do not obliterate the power of the sun’s rays. Valances are always appropriate.

Select wall hangings that contrast, but with a suggestion of the main palette in frame or context. The best interior decorations are built on two or three complementary tones, punctuated with splashes of vibrant color. Vases and figurines should be used sparingly and chosen to offer contrast in tone to the overall color scheme.

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