How to Cure Constipation

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By PracticalCures on 2015-12-02 13:46:32

There are three symptoms when you have constipation including having pain during the bowel movement, passing out a hard and dry stool after straining for a long period of time and absence of any bowel movement for more than 3 days.

But still it cannot be said clearly what a person actually suffers while he has constipation. This is because the patterns differ from person to person. It depends on the routine of a person. The person who is suffering from constipation will know it when he finds that he is having infrequent and irregular bowel movement. Then he must take steps to cure constipation.

The person might also feel that the evacuation of the bowel is insufficient. There are various reasons why constipation is caused. You must know one important fact that constipation itself is not a disease. It is just one of the symptoms of an underlying disease.

Constipation can be caused due to a faulty lifestyle or diet. First you need to find out the actual cause so that you can cure constipation from the root. You need to address the root cause to which constipation is a symptom. If you are suffering from chronic constipation, you have nothing to worry because curing chronic constipation is quite easy.

You can take the laxatives available to cure constipation. But if you do not want to go for any medications because of the side effects they have then you can try out the alternative medicines. This alternative medicine includes the herbal cures. The herbal medicines are proven to work very well as a remedy to constipation.

The advantage of the herbal laxatives is that they do not cause any side effects. But remember you should not use too much laxatives. It is only for people who are suffering from chronic constipation and those who need some instant relief.



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